Friday, December 29, 2017

My Pregnancy Story

I shared my pregnancy story on my other blog before I established this mommy blog recently. Good thing I was able to document even some snippets of my 9 months battle. Here's the story.

I know this might have been a really really late post but I feel the need to document everything I experienced regarding my pregnancy. It was my first and I was so above the moon and all when it happened. It was still fresh from my memories and I wish to keep it here in my web abode.

Since the holidays of some two years ago kicked in, I became very busy and all. I am juggling my time with two families and still adjusting to my newly married life. I didn’t know I was already delayed back then because we have so many events lined up. So when I checked last January 7, 2016, the PT kit has two lines. I admit, I wasn’t really all giddy at first because I was shocked. It was totally unexpected. I just got married for a month then all of a sudden we're having a new family member already. It kind of excites and thrills me but made me so nervous at the same time. My plan was to actually rest for a year before having a baby to enjoy my married life and to travel with my husband. But everything suddenly changed because of that. And I didn't regret anything at all. 

As weeks went along, I felt totally different. I felt so happy knowing that I have a life inside my belly. It's a different kind of joy. I experienced a lot of things from then on.

My first semester was very challenging. It all started on the second month where it triggered all my senses. I hated everything that I can smell. I hated the smell of the whole bathroom, kitchen and almost everything. In the school, my office desk was beside our water dispenser and I hated it when my co-teachers would make their coffee because I dislike its smell. Good thing they would just make their coffee outside the room. I just hated all kinds of smell except of my husbands'. I always threw up everyday as well. I dislike too much noise and didn't like my skin to get wet. Everything was just too painful for me.

5 weeks, 3 days

12 weeks, 3 days

During my second month as well, I turned down my concert ticket for baby's safety. I purchased an EXO ticket before I discovered I'm pregnant. A week before the concert, I decided not to attend anymore and tried to sell it because everyone in the family never supported me watching the event. They're afraid that I might harm myself during the event.

15 weeks, 2 days
18 weeks

Third month wasn't different than the first two. I dislike different food in different days. Sometimes I like mangoes, corns and other fruits and veggies but the next day, I hated them. However, I totally conditioned myself not to eat junk food and drink soda. It was only the last few days that I gave in for a chocolate or two.
The second and third semester was a little easier that the first. However, it was a challenge to discover my baby's gender during the 20th week mark. The radiologist can't really figure it out so she added two more weeks to recheck again. The second visit wasn't a success even from a different radiologists perspective. Finally on my third visit, they gave the gender which is a girl. I had three different radiologists who checked on the gender and confirmed it at last that it's a girl. But it wasn't. I had a son. (More on this story on my next post) 

23 weeks, 3 days

26 weeks

The third semester was easier than the first two. My struggle was sleeping and standing from bed. I need to ask my husband to push me on the edge or sometimes get a water for me because walking is a struggle. It's just getting heavier and heavier. I'm petite and it just feels so heavy.

29 weeks

31 weeks, 4 days

During my 32nd week, I had a spotting so my OB advised me for a complete bed rest for two weeks then I can go back to work. I was so afraid that time even if I only got a small drop of red stain. I was so paranoid that I didn't really got up on my bed back then. However, after the two week period, I had some spotting again so I continues resting for a month until the time I'm about to deliver my baby.

My EDD was supposed to be on the 28th of August but it's already the 29th and I am still not feeling anything. I walked long and hard despite the heavy belly I got. Still nothing changes. So the doctor advised that we visit on the 30th at the hospital for my induction. After 14 hours of intense labor pains, they decided to go with CS procedure. And so the rest was history.

I almost started the story on how I gave birth but will save that on my future post. I wanted to share next how I discovered that my baby is a boy and the ordeal we had to face days after I gave birth. More on that soon!

Thanks for reading my story. Now I know how it feels to be a mom. 💗

Much Love, Mommy ❤

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