Sunday, February 5, 2023

Sportswear Basics Never Go Out of Style

When it comes to active and sportswear there are endless possibilities and endless styles. But there is one thing for sure, basics will never go out of style. And that’s why in general, they are basics, they will always be there to be those pieces that are your allies in any outfit. Well, the same happens with sportswear basics. They are going to be the pieces you will be using always even if you have more stylish and different ones in your closet.

It is always a great idea if you get a few pairs of activewear sets. Why? Because even if you don’t work out really often or if you do, you won’t have to struggle because the one you already used is dirty and you have no clean one. And if they are basics, that’s even better, because basics never really go out of style.

But what can you actually consider some activewear basics and where can you get them? Well, there’s a special place I know you can find those, and I can promise you they are going to be the most comfortable pieces you have worn to work out.

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Check out what’s in Moira’s shopping list this Christmas!

Gift your loved ones with these items you can get at 0% interest through Home Credit

Manila, Philippines — Finding the perfect holiday gifts for loved ones can be challenging for some people. Well, gift giving doesn’t come with no pressure since we only want to give our loves ones what’s best for them.

Friday, November 11, 2022

Have the merriest holiday with Home Credit’s The Great 0% Interest Festival

Manila, Philippines. November 11, 2022 — The most awaited season for Filipinos is fast approaching — signaling the most beautiful time of the year for giving and sharing. Get ready to fill your hearts with your most wishlisted items for yourself and your loved ones and embark on the most exciting shopping season of the year!


Want something for your monitos and monitas? Or have you been wanting to reward yourself for a year of hard work? Better not pout, better not let your wallets cry because a huge blowout is coming to town!


As a holiday treat for Filipino customers, Home Credit Philippines (HCPH), the lifestyle partner of every Filipino, launches The Great 0% Interest Festival with over 50,000 products offered at 0% interest rates at almost 10,000 partner stores nationwide.

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Lose Belly Fat Postpartum With Waist Training

Pregnancy is a very joyful experience especially when you reach those times when you can feel your baby kicking in your belly, I think that is one of the most exciting parts of carrying a human being in your body. However, the postpartum experiences may not be as exhilarating compared to the time when the baby was still inside you. In my case, this stage brought a lot of insecurities especially the added weight which I feel that I cannot remove anymore. 

Glad there is a waist trainer black Friday sale I found online and it's a great step to start in my weight loss journey. Waist trainers help shrink your waist and even help in losing weight. I think these are a great help especially if you want to shed off those extra pounds from the pregnancy.  You should try checking out one too. 

I've been eyeing a lot of waist trainers and I actually want to buy a few pieces to start my weight loss journey. If you want to buy in bulk, there are also wholesale waist trainers available online. Buying in bulk is great especially if you want to build your collection of waist trainers or if you want to start a business selling it. 

Saturday, September 17, 2022

More Learnings This Year

This year is a year full of life's surprises and lots of first time for me. I didn't even expect that I will be achieving and learning a lot of things this year. Little by little, I am slowly accomplishing all my goals before the year ends. From getting our first family insurance, to learning another language, mastering a new instrument, transitioning my lifestyle to what I want it to be and being able to try baking for the first time. 

My experience in baking all started when I became a part of a blog campaign that's related to baking. There's a local brand who sent me lots of their bread mixes which made me learn how to bake. Since the campaign required me to produce, baked bread so I had to comply and put my skills in baking to the test. For a beginner like me, it is really a struggle because I don't own any set of baking tools, so I had to work around on what is only available during the time I baked. To be honest, we don't own any baking tools since no one in the house bakes anyway. But the experience brought out the inner desire in me to try baking which I eventually realize that I really like doing it. Since I already made the first step in trying to bake, might as well learn more on it. I also need to use up all the bread mixes which I still have here in the kitchen. So I made it a goal to get some tools when I have the time and budget for it.