Sunday, March 24, 2024

Mitsubishi launched the newest pickup truck - the Mitsubishi Triton

When we're traveling, we want to experience comfort and safety, on top of style and class. But why choose the former when you can have all? That's possible with the all the Mitsubishi Triton - the newest pickup truck launched by Mitsubishi Motors. This beast was so handsome that I wanted to take it personally home! 

I attended this adrenaline-packed launch event featuring Mitsubishi All-New Triton! It is just what it is featured about: Bigger. Tougher. Stronger. This new pickup truck from Mitsubishi is really going beyond limits and will make you buckle up for a great adventure.

We were given an experience of an awesome innovation with a test drive around the event venue to discover comfort, superior performance and a cutting-edge engine. 

Features include an aggressive front and cunning headlights along with Mitsubishi's iconic Dynamic Sheild Design completing a strong yet superior look.

It has a high power engine with newly developed 2.4-litre Bi-Turbo diesel engine with a '2-stage' turbo capable of producing 204PS of power with a 470Nm maximum torque.

It has a comfortable spacious cabin and an interior design fit for amenities within your reach. Plus an improved suspension design with a new shock absorption system giving passengers and driver an awesome comfort even in the harshest roads.

You can definitely #GoBeyondLimits with this newest brand-new pickup truck. Book for a test-drive today!  

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