Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mommy Milk Share Event 2017

I consider breastfeeding my baby as a huge blessing because it helped us in many things. I have been exclusively breastfeeding my little boomboom for 16 months now. I first shared my breastfeeding journey on my post here. Since I became a mom, I have been a member and follower of several mommy groups on the blog and on social media. One of the accounts I am currently following is The Parenting Emporium. When I browsed their account a few months ago, I saw that they were announcing a Mommy Milk Share event and it sparked my interest to join.

Armed with my spare milk, I braced the metro from Pampanga to donate my extra stash. The advocacy in breastfeeding is very close to my heart that's why I would give an extra effort if it's anything about sharing milk.

The Parenting Emporium is located near Gilmore station so it's easier for me to locate. I am familiar with Gilmore as it is where we bought some of our computer-related gadgets before. Upon arrival, there's an ongoing seminar where Ms. Abbie Yabot was the speaker. I know her because I will be joining an afternoon talk on Baby Led Weaning that day as well at Shangrila where she will be the one who'll talk.

Since I was there for the donation, I filled up a form which the Fabella team gave me and while accomplishing it, they were expressing their heartfelt gratitude that I joined the event even if I'm from Pampanga. The objective of this is to help save more lives from the said hospital. I am glad that I have been of help to them.

While they were accomplishing some tasks before giving out the loot bag, I decided to roam around the place and I was very glad with what I saw. Here, is a haven of all things bright and good for my baby and me. I suddenly wished I was so close to this place because surely, this will be my 'tambayan' when I am in need of some mommy and baby stuff.

For almost 4-5 days, I stored around 35 oz of milk and donated them. This act has been totally awesome because I know in my heart that there is someone out there who survived because of me. It is something truly remarkable to feel. For this, I thank the people behind the event for reaching out to mommies for their pure and genuine advocacy.  

In return of doing the good deed, all participants got something form sponsors. It is a loot bag from all the brands who's also supporting the love for breastfeeding. Thanks a bunch! 

I may not be pledging but I will try my very best to donate this year. I hope it's a little early so that I still have milk by then. I will make sure though that I will add more extra ounces to the donation. I hope the good Lord will still continue to bless me with abundant milk supply.

Much Love, Mommy ❤

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