Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2018

Finally, after months of waiting for this day, I finally had the chance to add it up on my schedule.. I actually even have an event the afternoon of this year's GCDC2018 but good thing I made it. I wasn't able to attend last year's The Great Cloth Diaper Change because of, well, "priorities". Now that I got time, I let my baby and husband joined the event. 

I pre-registered in advance to avail a slot. It has been my long time wish to transition my baby to cloth diaper but our lifestyle made it really difficult for us plus I was also looking for that push. I admit that it took me so long before finally deciding to do it. 

I am a full-time as a teacher. Whenever I get home, I tried my best to be hands-on to my son plus the household tasks. I only have my MIL to check on my baby whenever we have work. Since I work almost the whole day, (same with the husband) our laundry sometimes pile up until the weekend and it will be crazy when that happens. So sometimes, MIL would do a thing or two to help with the load of laundry. To be honest, she sometimes complain on the bulk of tasks she's having whenever we need to go to work. She cleans, cooks, attends to the baby and on top of that, do the laundry. So the husband told her to just saved her energy for the baby and I'll do most of the chores when I get home or whenever I can. It isn't everyday though that I can attend to all the household tasks especially if I was so tired at work or if I have important things to attend to. So now, if you can see the bigger picture, I hope you don't judge all the mommies that do not cloth diaper. It is still based on every situation. We're not in their shoes to know what was happening around. 

Now that it is the vacation, adding up stash of used cd's is okay since I do most of the chores. Actually, MIL is gone to vacation whenever it's our vacation because that is her free time and we like it if she really would make use of this time for herself. So no summer goals for me whenever it's vacation. Well, if you ask why I don't get a nanny, that again is a totally different story. 

Anyway, I may be late when I attended GCDC Pampanga but now that I personally experienced the change, I would do it despite the burden I will experience in the future. I'm talking about piles of laundry, but I don't care. I willdo it on my own pace. I already committed in making the change and I am the person who stand by my own word. 

So my problem now is, where can I get more cds? 😁
Much Love, Mommy ❤

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