Saturday, January 5, 2019

Mommy Mundo's Mom 24/7 2019 Planner

It's the beginning of another year again and once again, new year goals and resolutions are on our list one more time. I admit, I am one of those who writes new things which I can improve, or new things to do in every start of the year. And it's better for me to write it down to make it possible. There's just this magic in writing that makes my goals and tasks come true, instead of just piling them up on my phone's notepad. 

So for this year, I got a planner to finally list down my daily plan and to write all the hullabaloos of motherhood. Perfect for that is my Mommy Mundo Planner. When I saw the Mommy Mundo Expo event announcement regarding the new planners that were out, I immediately grabbed one for myself. I registered for a Mommy Mundo passport to avail the perks and privileges of a card holder and as a gift, they sent off this planner. Actually, their gifts consists of a journey box full of goodies from different brands and this planner but unfortunately, I didn't got the Journey Box because it's out of stock already. They promised to send me one though when they have new stocks out. Aside from these, you can get more perks if you are a passport holder so better grab one.

I'm sharing with you now the pages inside the planner. Mommy Mundo actually released three different planner designs and this one is the Mommy Mundo x Noelle Hilario collaboration. The other two were collabs from Googoo and Gaga and the Fozzy Book. I chose this for the simple and elegant design it exudes. 

When I got this, I have no idea how it looked like on the inside so it was something new to me. This is my first Mommy Mundo planner and I had different kinds of planner before (BDJ, CNS) so the look of the insides felt so different fo rme. 

For one, I like that there's a mantra section for the month, as well as the to do list for personal and work-related ones. I also like the minimalist design of each page. Glad that there are dates to remember every month where I can write the birthdays or specific occasion which makes it easy to remember what's coming up for that specific month. 

The page section such as Child's Immunization Record, Child's Info Sheet, Dad's Health record, Houseold Staff File, Self Care page, Menu Maker, Car/ Appliance Maintenance, Party Planner, Family Travel Planner among others are a big help to every mama out there. It's now easy to track family's info, expenses and the like. The weekly pages though is a little downer for me. There's just a very little space where I can write and half of the page is for the kids section and sometimes I just play with my son so I am not writing much on that area. I hope there's more space though. But overall, I like it. 

Personally, I like to use this planner for everyday activities. The pages were nice and I like that there's a bookmark, notepad and stickers included.  Totally perfect for moms like me!

Much Love, Mommy ❤


  1. This is a cute planner and very useful for schedule-loving Moms! Great you have it.

  2. This planner is very artsy! I guess it's not too late to buy a planner for my mom. Haha! I hope she'll have time to use it.

    1. This might come in handy even if it's late. Get one for her now!

  3. Nice that they have 3 designs to choose from. Has it always been that way? I've had a couple of Mommy Mundo planners in the past but I'm not sure there were other designs.

    (Love the doodle page!)

  4. I love that the family is really considered in this journal. There is a space for everyone in the family: a space for you, the kids and the hubby :)

  5. I super love planners! And this one is so cute!!! Mine is from Belle De Jour hehe

  6. Nice mommy planner. Id love to have one.

  7. Wow ang ganda! Too bad I already have one. It’s almost midyear so hirap na magpalit. Haha. Will take note of this for next year 😍

  8. I like that section for budgeting. That is very important to us. Any coupons included?

  9. I love that it has a child's health record part. as to other features, not much hahaha. i just like my planner straightforward - whole page for daily schedule, that's the most important and I can write notes about the day and about the schedule :-)


  10. I like hvaing things written down and organized as well, though I am more keen toward using my phone to do. The planner looks really cool though!

  11. Such a nice planner. It's perfect for busy moms to retain the important things they have to be reminded of. Yes, I was also looking for discount coupons.

  12. I love planners!! Ever since I was a student I spend so much time to write on my planner. Now, I have 4, one for my work, for my articles, schedules and just a random one for my thoughts that day! ♥