Friday, February 22, 2019

Food Corner: Velvet Ganache Boulangerie & Patisserie

I always adored family style restaurants which caters comfort and love to everyone who visits their place. Just like Velvet Ganache - Boulangerie and Patisserie in SM City Telabastagan, where the inspiration for the interior is big and light in space. There are no heavy structures around and everything’s easy on the eyes. It’s also a great Instagrammable spot for everyone who just love to shoot.

Chef Vince invited us to introduce their newest set meals but more than that, he gave us a personal tour inside the restaurant and at their kitchen. I was amazed and delighted with what I saw. VG's kitchen is spacious and cool and organized so it’s great to cook inside. All ingredients are prepared and stored properly in a chiller to maintain the temperature.

More than their services, Velvet Ganache' main concern is more on what’s happening inside their kitchen. He mentioned that they can guarantee their ingredients are 100% safe and clean and they are serious about what they're doing. Everything is managed and stored properly from their shelves to their fridge. Their chickens are marinated and packed individually with date and label so as not to confuse the cooks on what to use first. Even the equipment they use in the whole store are well-maintained and of quality. The restaurant even has quarterly Food Safety Management System to always check on them.

Here are some of the best in their menu which they presented to us. I specifically love the Seafood Pasta. I can't forget the taste until now! 


Honey Citrus Wings

Seafood Pasta

Jackie Chan

More than their delicious meal sets. they have a different range on their bread choices. However, they only baked some selections in a day because they are capable of baking another batch within 2-3 hours only or whenever the need arises. VG always bake their breads on a daily basis so it is guaranteed fresh and delicious. That's how awesome they are!

What's even more awesome is that they can adjust their breads to the market needs to satisfy what the customer wants; be it a little soft or a little dark. In European countries, people consider dark breads to be good and more artisan while in our culture, we looked at it as burned or not good. 

Right now, they launched their #SharingBundle which is really great for groups of 3-5, 6-8 and 10-12. The discount you can get is from P1500-P4900 for these set meals! Aren't they unbelievably awesome? 

In totality, our Velvet Ganache experience is seriously awesome! We get to try their wide range of good food plus they also gave us a chance to experience live cooking inside their magnficent kitchen. I seriously recommend their food and bread. It may be a little intimidating to some to check the area but I'm telling you, it's super worth it! 

Much Love, Mommy ❤


  1. OMG I’m drooling! Everything looks so delicious. Really honestly making me hungry hahaha 😂

  2. Yummy! With this amazing food photos and review, we'll definitely dine in here one of this days.

  3. I want to taste Jackie Chan. I wonder if it would make me kick and punch like the owner of the name, haha. Just kidding! Always been our mommy mission to look for restos that can cater to family sizes during day outs. This one is one good choice.

  4. Craving for the seafood pasta right now! Also, is the Jackie Chan similar with Yellow Cab's Charlie Chan?

  5. I love restaurants where the chefs care greatly abt the qualify of ingredients and cooking! Also Velvet Ganache's set meals look yum and reasonably priced

  6. All the food looks yummy. Nakakagutom. HUHU do they have branch here in Manila? Want to visit it but its too far from us :(

  7. great food photos and the kitchen looks clean plus I love the color of the door:-)


  8. Those nachos looks so tempting! Thanks for another food tips!

  9. Waah ang sarap!!! I love artisan breads and pasta. And reasonable ang group meal packages ha.

  10. I want to try the seafood pasta! I hope they can have a branch at SM Dasmarinas too.