Saturday, June 29, 2019

Product Review: Cycles Sensitive Premium Water Wipes

Giving birth again made me very meticulous on what product to use for my newborn. Yes, I recently gave birth on our second baby and I am back once again on being careful in anything and everything I put in her. at being very As much as I want to clean her with water and (gentle) baby soap when he does number two, there are times that a trip to the restroom is already a big deal for an exhausted mom like me. Especially if it happens during the wee hours in the morning. So instead of washing at the restroom, I opt to use wipes. And for that, my go-to wipes is this new discovery of mine - the Cycles Sensitive Premium Water Wipes.

PACKAGING - I like that this is in color blue (my fave color) because it looks cool in the eye. It even has a prior packaging (see below) before the package where the wipes was kept.

This product just have 3 mild ingredients and is made of 99.5% triple filtered purified water. It is safe and hypoallergenic as it claims it is free of toxic, alcohol and fragrance. That's why I am very confident to let my baby use this.

PRICE - I am not sure how much this is online but we bought ours at SM for P149.00. I think you can get it cheaper online with the promos and discounts different online shops are hosting.

EFFECT - First, I like that it was completely safe for my baby. I also like that it doesn't have any scent. The product itself is strong even if it's thin. It also cleanses well that one piece is enough.

My first experience with this product was when it was gifted to me. Actually, it was just a sample but after using it, it became a staple on my baby's stuff and we purchased it often now. If I had only knew about this earlier, I'm pretty sure my firstborn would have used it as well. 

Much Love, Mommy ❤


  1. i am wary of using wet wipes because my fingers always have reactions to it. and my sons would have rashes when they were younger whenever i use a wet wipes. this is good to know na water-based sya and walang alcohol content.


  2. I always prefer unscented wipes because I know that there's no alcohol content hehe! This is great for sensitive skin!

  3. This is great for babies of all ages! Love that it’s non toxic, alcohol and fragrance free. Plus, it’s very affordable! 😍

  4. I like the design a combination of blue n pink and the plastic cover,may be we will try this product.

  5. If I am a mom I’ll always choose whats best for my baby because they have sensitive skin and also theres a lot of harmful prducts now that scattered

  6. This is an excellent product and more mommies with new borns should definitely use it. Especially nowadays where everything can be harmful to us Our babies should be safe!

  7. Wow, thanks for the tip. We are expecting our second baby soon and this is a great brand to try.