Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Product Review: Mr. Big Pillow

When I was pregnant, sleeping was my most hated thing to do. I didn't know that my once most favorite past time could turn out to be a dreaded thing for me. Pregnant moms surely know the struggle of sleeping especially during the third trimester. 

In my case, I am one huge pregnant mama before and starting my 7th month, I didn't had proper sleep since then. 

I have always felt tired, lifeless, and stressed because I always lack sleep before going to work. Despite having 5-6 pillows every night, nothing helped. If I had only knew about Mr. Big Pillow back then, I would be saved by that dilemma.

Mr. Big was known as an ergonomic pillow which was created by physical therapists to help reduce pain on their patients and improve their mobility. 

They have different kinds of pillows and each has it's unique characteristic. They recommend a pillow depending on the individual's need. They even measure the person's height and weight to achieve the perfect pillow for the customer.

Sleeping in correct posture helps to remove the pain and discomfort. Even problems like sleep apnea, back pain, muscle spasm, among others can be corrected with their pillow. Pillows for infants and kids are also available. This one called Nine is perfect for pregnant moms too! 

When I got my own Mr. Big Pillow, I immediately let my son tried it. My infant love it so much. I noticed she's sleeping soundly and straight at night. (Yes, success!)

The pillow was very very soft since it is made with elasta.  It is like an immitation of white duck/goose down which is known to automatically contour the shapes of the neck and the head aiding in quality sleep.

Overall, I legit like one for my own and hubby. I'm thinking of getting each of us soon! We definitely need to invest in good quality sleep with Mr. Big Pillow! 

Much Love, Mommy ❤

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