Saturday, August 17, 2019

My Second Pregnancy and Birthing Story

This post is a little overdue as I intend on sharing my second pregnancy experience while I was still pregnant but now that my newborn was already an infant (she's three months as of this writing), I think this is the best time to share the exhausting yet lovely journey of my pregnancy. I have also adjusted on breastfeeding and rearing my two kiddos so I had a little time to tell a tale. Thanks to my wonderful family for helping me look after the kids. I can spare a little time to write and/or attend events, just like how I got some time to share this story.

It was around September of last year when I began feeling unwell and I thought I have series of stomachache. I even thought I got appendicitis that time and was even rushed to the hospital. They even checked on me and all but found out nothing unusual that time. That was around first week of September. Then on Sept. 28, I found out I was pregnant with #2 after doing a series of PT since I was more than a week delayed already.

No fab announcements were made. I first showed the pt to my husband which was sooo happy when I showed him the result. We decided to go and have a check-up. My family knew about it next, then some close friends and co-workers but I have kept my silence on the online world.

As my tummy grows, I wasn't able to keep pregnancy photos per month unlike my first. I was too occupied with work, my toddler, my blogging time, my husband and all the housework there was. I barely had any, except for a few documentations needed at work. Now while writing this, I feel bad because I think I'll be embarrassed to my daughter since I cannot show her pictures of my big belly before. Sigh!

Anyway, my EDD was on the 20th of May but after my OB's opinion, she advised me to go and have my second CS done. I was just too big and my daughter was cord coiled on my last ultrasound so we had to push through with the operation on the soonest possible date which was last May 9. I really tried my best to go for NSD even after my ECS the first time but I think the universe just wouldn't let me. I had to endure sleepless nights on my last few days of pregnancy because I was literally so big. Bigger than my first' actually.

Since I won't go on labor anymore, I told my OB to make sure that I'll be room-in with my baby as soon as possible. I am really insisting to breastfeed her exclusively and I'm glad that she supported my decision. The hospital also banned baby bottles so I got more reason to feed her immediately. My OB even showed me the photos that they had my baby latched on me immediately after birth even though I was still asleep.

Speaking of being asleep, I remember that my anesthesia wore off early. I gave birth at 3:33pm but my mind was already up early at around 6pm. I can clearly remember how crazily I was shaking that time, like having seizures from the insides. I really thought I would pass out. My mind was wide awake but my body was so weak! I don't know if other moms experienced that but I didn't had it with my first born. Good thing I was able to overcome it!

Then around 8pm the same day, I was brought back to my room. Few minutes later, my baby came next after me. I was so happy that I get to breastfeed her instantly. It's also a great thing that my husband supported me. He was actually assisting me on having the baby latched directly as I can't move much after surgery.

I am thankful for my husband and to my family and friends who were there for me during this journey. They made my birth extra special by just being there on my side. I can remember how badly I had postpartum on my first pregnancy and it isn't easy. Having all these genuine people around me just makes everything so well.

Now, I am enjoying my baby so much! She is now responding back to me as if she wanted to talk. She maintains eye contact and smiles often. My heart is now twice as happy because I have two little darlings.

Looking back, I want to thank all the people who helped me through this pregnancy. I am so blessed to have you all in my life. Love you all! 

P.S. The first and last photos were taken by my good friend, (c) Armela Patalud. 

Much Love, Mommy ❤

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