Monday, September 30, 2019

Scarlett Reese DIY Photoshoot

It is with great pleasure that my good friend Armela, volunteered to do my baby's newborn shoot couple of month's back.

Since Armela is building her photography profile, she asked me if she can shoot #BabyScarlett and us since I just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Actually, she already offered to shoot me when I was still pregnant before but since I was too busy with work, a toddler and being pregnant, etc, I wasn't just able to give time to be honest. So when she asked me the second time for my baby girl, I immediately accepted and made time right away. 

Thanks to her amazing PR skills, we were able to book a venue for the shoot. Big thanks to Diamond Spring Hotel (which is now a part of Red Doorz) for giving us a room for the shoot. 

Since we opted for a simple and no-expense shoot, we tried to DIY the whole thing. Here are some BTS shots for your own viewing pleasure. :)

If you noticed, we just had some props, comforter, camera, reflector and a good photographer for this whole thing to happen. If you're planning to DIY your baby's shoot, you might consider getting the same things we had.

Of course, special thanks to the special venue where we had our shoot. You may book them through Red Doorz app. They have friendly staff and they will try to grant your specific request in case you might have some. We actually asked for a room that has natural lighting like windows for a better shoot and they find one for us.

I will be adding more photos here once she had finished organizing and editing the shots she took. If you want to book Armela, you can contact her on her Facebook profile. She also has her page if you want to check more of her photography skills.

Much Love, Mommy ❤


  1. Oh what a cutie! A darling to your good friend too!

  2. Ang cute cute ni baby. Hehe tapos ang cute din ng setup. Sarap talaga picturan mga baby. Walang palag haha

  3. So cute baby! I wanna take her photos too.

  4. Galing din!naka try na din kami mag red doorz!! We just got home from an overnight actually

  5. hang cute cute nmn po ni baby....and you all looks like you've enjoyed. haven't tried red doorz yet, pero mukang we want to try it.

  6. nakakatuwa pag baby shoot. walang tantrums or ayaw-ayaw hahaha. you have lovely photos to look back on. - Wendy

  7. ang sarap naman ishoot ng baby na cute and behave :)

  8. So cuteee and awesome photographs! Hope to have this to my cousin who's only 10 days haha. Cute talaga kapag baby shoot!