Friday, December 13, 2019

Two easy ways to prevent Dry Skin during holidays – For Mom and Child

Christmas might be the busiest time of the year not only for kids but most especially for the moms of the family. But the effect of holiday stress on one’s health goes both ways and the first visible sign may manifest through our skin.

Stress can cause our skin to look dull, dry and lifeless. And the cold weather makes it a lot worse. Now, our child’s skin is not only thinner and more sensitive, but it also produces fewer moisturizing oils so naturally it dries up easily.

When the barrier of the skin is vulnerable it can quickly lose moisture, and external irritants or environmental factors can penetrate the skin’s protective outer layers more easily causing a lot of problems.

Moisturize from the Inside

“What you put in their mouth is as important as the products you apply on their skin,” says Dr. Lily Ong-Lim, Top Pediatrician of St. Luke’s Medical Center. 

The most important thing to do to keep our skin healthy during the holidays is to hydrate or drink lots of fluids. An increase intake of fruits and vegetables can also provide the skin with the necessary nutrients it needs to be healthy. 

Walnuts, Avocado, Sweet Potatoes, Cucumber and Flaxseed are just some of the best food to include in your diet when you want to keep your skin hydrated.

Moisturize from the Outside
For child’s skin care, the adage "less is more" is definitely the way to go. 

Except for drool and diaper changes, children don't get very dirty. For the first month or so, a sponge bath once a day will keep them safely clean. In between, simply clean your child’s mouth and diaper area with a little water or cleanser. 

Resist the urge to bathe your child frequently because frequent bathing removes the natural oils that protect baby's skin.

Never use scented baby products in the early months that can irritate your  child's delicate skin and aggravate certain skin conditions like eczema. 

If your child suffers from dry skin, it can be incredibly difficult to find a product that brings them relief. It’s a condition which can be extremely uncomfortable for both the child and also the mom. 

Finding the right products to use is therefore very crucial - one product that have proven to win the hearts of moms (and children) around the globe is Oilatum bar Soap.

Moisture -PROTECTnology
Oilatum bar Soap is an emollient cleanser suitable for everyday cleansing for dry and sensitive skin, it is gentle enough for everyday use.

Its gentle properties make it a great soap option not only for adults with dry sensitive skin but also for children.

Routine Moisturizing with Oilatum bar soap
Incorporating Oilatum bar soap into your routine is incredibly simple;

1.     Use lukewarm water and massage the soap bar into the skin to create a luxurious lather, before rinsing off.
2.     Pat child’s skin dry and resist rubbing - too much towel friction can chap delicate skin.

The cold weather and the stress should not stop you and your child from enjoying the holiday season.  Just remember to keep your skin well hydrated and your child’s skin clean and moisturized with the help of Oilatum.

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