Friday, January 3, 2020

Set Your Sights On Your Next Adventure at Mountain Clark Firing Range

Firing has been in my bucket list since forever. Despite having an ex-police husband, I was still unable to book a schedule for it. Life has always been busy since having children so it's the least priority right now. Plus we have a baby and a toddler who aren't permitted to be inside firing ranges so that's already a reason not to push going to one. But when we got an invite (for free), we grabbed the chance to go. Good thing my sister backed me up in taking care of the children for that day.

We had a bloggers tour last 30th. You can read more on the Giant Lantern Bloggers Tour here. The next day after that tour, Armela set an additional tour for the Manila bloggers. We started our breakfast at Finecuts Diner and continued the day with some shooting experience at Mountain Clark Firing Range. It is my first time there  because we turned out several invites since a long time ago. I am always not available then but this time, I made sure I can go because I wanted to try firing and do some archery.

Mountain Clark Firing Range has different services and experiences to offer. They have archery and shooting lessons for beginners. You can also rent a pistol, rifle and archery gears and you can also bring your guns for repair and conditioning. They also provide assistance in case you want to process your shooting license and permits.

The place is also open to book for team buildings and private functions. If you want an adventure, you might want to try them.

We started with archery and shuriken since we are still waiting for the others. The briefing on the firing will start when everybody is present. Some had to commute so we played while waiting.

Before firing, there's a briefing first on the safety on gun usage. Coach also discussed the different type of guns and ammo and some expectations when shooting.

The feeling of excitement is really different holding a gun. I am used to seeing guns, may it be pistol and rifle but holding it and firing in real life is truly thriling and nerve-wracking.

Jaycee also misses firing. He said the price for firing is really expensive especially if you want to make it a hobby. Maybe that's why he keep on declining my request. Maybe it's because he doesn't want to treat me. 😂If you're curious how much the fees are, here's the price list of their services.

We'd like to thank Mountain Clark Firing Range for teaching us and giving us this superb experience. We only had 5 rounds. hoping to fire more. 😁

Much Love, Mommy ❤

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