Thursday, June 25, 2020

Mama Tet Cooks: Pork Steak

Hey moms! Do you experience those times where you feel you forgot how to cook? That's how I'm feeling right now.

Last week, we stayed for a week at the parentals house and my Kapampangan stepmom did all the cooking. No, I'm not sitting pretty and resting but I was just all focused with the kids. Since I am not in the kitchen often, I feel I'm forgetting all the hoolabaloos in cooking. Now, we're back home and I feel I'm lost hahaha.

So I made this one simple, easy dish today that won't require too much thinking - Pork Steak. 😁


      1/2 k. pork chop
      1 small onion (cut into rings)
      1/2 cup soy sauce
      5 tbsp garlic oyster sauce
      5-6 (or more) garlic cloves chopped
      lemon juice
      1 tsp. brown sugar
      ground pepper to taste


1. Marinate pork chop in garlic cloves, lemon juice, soy sauce and garlic oyster sauce mixture for 30 minutes (or more).
2. After marinating, remove the meat from the mixture. Reserve the mixture for later use.
3. In a pan, heat coconut oil. Fry the meat in a perfect brown color. Do the same steps in all meat available. When done, remove excess oil from the pan.

4. Put back the meat on the pan and add the marinade. At this point, you can add water. Let it simmer. Add sugar and ground black pepper to taste. Toss in the onion rings and let it simmer again for a minute.
5. Serve and enjoy! 💖


  • You can substitute vinegar, lime, calamansi and the like if you don't have lemon juice.
  • Marinate the pork overnight or for a longer period of time so the mixture will penetrate more on the meat. 

Railey loves it! I always feel grateful when my kids love my cooking. It was also approved by the hubby so I'm very happy!

How's your take on your porkchop dishes?  Share on the comments below! Would love to recreate it in a different way too! 💖

Much Love, Mommy ❤

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