Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Mama Tet Cooks: Chicken Curry

I have a lot of recipe posts in draft and this one was one of it. Been busy these past few weeks and I can't find time to write blog posts since we are now submitting reports weekly for the school enrollment. I have a little time to go back to my drafts and post them so let's go! 

So another dish added on my recipe list is this, Chicken Curry. Railey loves this and me too! Good thing I was able to cook it for the family while still in the CQ.


     3 cloves garlic chopped
     1 small onion (sliced)
     1 small ginger (chopped)
     1 small potato (cubed)
     1 small carrot (cubed)
     2 green chili
     1/2 kilo chicken
     curry powder


1. Heat oil in a pan. Fry the chicken first. Set aside when done. (It's okay not to fully cooked it since it will also be boiled later)
2. On the same pan, saute onion, garlic and ginger. 
3. Then add gata and bring to boil. You may want to add water here if  you want more soup on your dish. That's optional. If you think the coconut milk is okay, you can skip that out. Add the chicken until it become tender.
4. Add curry powder then let it simmer. Then add the green chili.
5. Season salt and pepper to taste then add the remaining vegetables. 

That's it! Enjoy! The whole family loves this dish, especially Railey. This is like a staple viand every week. I might make it twice a month next time. Haha. 

Much Love, Mommy ❤


  1. It looks really delicious! I will ask my mom to try cooking this one :")

  2. This looks delicious! I love chicken curry. Will try your recipe tomorrow

  3. Yum! We cooked Chicken Curry a week ago too. We didn't use potato and chili though. Would love to try your recipe some other time. :)

  4. Wow ang sarap naman nito. Although meron ng nabibiling ready curry-mixed, iba pa din ang gawa sa natural ingredients.

  5. I love chicken curry - lalo na pag sobrang spicy haha! But i don’t know how to cook it! ��

  6. ooohh!!! gata pala ang curry hahaha i have never cooked curry kaya di ko alam. peroooo i have tried coco mama na with desserts! super solid yun!

  7. Super easy lang ng Chicken Curry recipe ni Mama Tet! Try ko 'to this weekend. Will cook for my family.

  8. I love curry, but I haven't cooked it in a while. Love the simplicity of how you present it!

  9. Indian curry is really nice too but it can’t replace our filipino way. main-stay of my monthly plan.
    Thank you for sharing.

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  11. Chicken curry will be one of my favorite foods. Everyone is asking for supplements)))

  12. Yay!!! Curry is one of my favorite dishes and I love how I finally found a guide right here. Try ko nga gawin myself. Hehehe.

  13. Yay!!! This is one of my favorite dish. Thanks for this guide or I mean recipe I can try it here in SK too.