Thursday, July 23, 2020

Mama Tet Cooks: Sinigang na Hipon

I love seafoods! Show me any seafood and surely I would eat the last bite of it. I am grateful that my kids also love them given that my husband and his family has a history of allergy on shrimps. Now I have a reason to create a meal with seafood because the kids like it. (Sorry hubs!😘)

Recently I was happy I was able to buy some shrimps after the longest time ever. I wouldn't go out until our local market. Yes, it's my decision not to. I can settle here in our mini-talipapa inside the subdivision and everything's okay for me. I will just go out once work requires me to do so but for now, I'll settle here with the kids. 

Anyway, since I was able to find some shirmps, (you know how limited options can be in talipapa, right?), I decided to make Sinigang na Hipon (Shrimp Soup). The kids love sinigang in meat so introducing shrimp to them is something I haven't tried yet. 

The photo above was a shot late in the afternoon (around 5pm) after cooking the sinigang for lunch so you'll notice that the soup has now deeper color. Guess all the ingredients simmered in the soup. Yum! (No, it isn't salty I tell you. Just looks like it! )

So here are the ingredients if you want to try this dish at home.


      1/2 k. medium shrimps
      1 stalk kangkong
      1 stalk string beans
      1 small tomato
      3-4 pcs okra
      1 snall onion
      1 medium-sized radish
      2-3 green chili
      salt and pepper to taste


1. Boil 4 cups of water. Then add the onion, tomato and radish then bring to a boil.
2. Once the veggies are soft, add the shrimps. Make sure it's already cleaned. 

3. Add sinigang mix if you like but I used shrimp stock here. Wait for it to boil.
4. The shrimp cooks fast so once the soup started to boil, add the green chili, string beans, okra or any other veggies that you like to add that's perfect for sinigang, go add them. 
5. After the veggies are soft and good to your liking, you can now season it with salt and pepper to taste. I like our veggies really soft because Scarlett is just 1 year old. She likes soft food. :)
6. Add the kangkong leaves and cook it for another minute.
7. Serve, eat and enjoy!

Cooking this is really easy compared to meat that you have to wait for hours. So whenever I feel like giving the family some special dish in a hurry, this will do especially that we all love seafood.

Any shrimp dish in mind that you want to share in the comments? Please let me know so I can try it up next time. 

Let's eat! Ciao!

Much Love, Mommy ❤


  1. Whoooa! I can still taste my ulam kanina which is this one and I cooked it. Lahat yata ng klaseng sinigang paborito ko na eh and Sinigang na Hipon is on top of my list :) Mama Tet, have you cooked sinigang na yung pure sampalok po gamit?

  2. Super favorite ko po itong i-ulam. Grabe sobrang sarap po nito 😍😍😍 thankyou po for the procedures I have an idea na po how to cook sinigang na hipon.

  3. I'm tired of my old recipes, I want new ideas. Your recipe is great. I haven't cooked like that yet. Thanks!