Monday, January 24, 2022

Review: Aleva Natural Baby Products

Whenever I get products from blogging, be it from a PR, a gift or product to review, I make sure that I know what the product/brand offers. It is like a commitment I give that I don't just normally receive items. It is best to always know what you are using, that way, you'll develop love for the brand/ product and the promotion will just come off naturally. 

Few months back, when I got some items from an online event, I loved some samples from the loot so off I go and promote it. Little did I know that the brand saw me mentioning them on IG and direct message me if I want to review some of the products too. 

The items arrived before Christmas and I posted it on my IG and promised to review it few weeks after we personally used it. So let me talked about these stuff one by one. 


I can say this is one of our favorite items from the loot we received. We love the scent and the effect. When I first used it to my kids, it smelled like cherry then I realize it's berry so I think they almost has the same scent. This is the first that ran out because both my kids love it. The smell also lingers really long despite the sweat after playing all day. I even got another one from my Edamama haul. 


I am very careful with my children's products and this one certainly exceeded our standard. My youngest Scarlett has really sensitive skin and I liked this because it's unscented and does the job effectively. Scarlett would usually itch whenever she uses new products that have very high alcohol or chemical content. With this one, her skin didn't react with this and instead it nourishes her skin. I noticed how it moisturizes her skin. It even helps healing her skin whenever she gets mosquito bites. 


Definitely our favorite! I even posted this on my personal account because I like how innovative this product is. Aside from being a 2-in1 product which works for both hair and body, it is also foamy and in a pump bottle which is very convenient. It's also my first time to try foam shampoo and I think that's really cute. 


Hubby and I just had Covid-19 recently and we were home quarantined despite having kids at home. We are only four at home (2 kids) so the situation is really a struggle yet we managed not to get the kids infected. That is with the help of Aleva's Multi-Purpose Spray. I like that it's natural and vegan which makes it very safe and gentle for kids. It also gives us confidence knowing that things the kids are touching are clean and safe. 


To be honest I thought I won't be able to use this because after 2 years old, my kids' utensils were washed with the same dishwashing liquid as what we use for the whole household. But getting positive with Covid requires us to be more careful and conscious, and this dishwashing liquid helped us a lot. We separated the kids plates and utensils and use this as it's gentle on the skin yet tough on the dirtiest of mess. 

Overall, it's honestly a good opportunity that we get to try other products and explore more option for the kids and for the family. We love the Aleva Berry Bubble Bath and 2-in-1 Hand and Body Wash so we ordered some extra from Edamama as it went on sale the other day. 

I totally recommend you try them out. I'm sure you gonna love them as well. 


  1. Every product does differ from each other! It contains a lot of good things! It features the best ! Undeniably awesome and cool product line

  2. Wow this is greag product , highly recommended tlga . Npka gaganda ng benefits niya sa skin . Tlgang magugustuhan ng mga kids 😍❤️

  3. So Worth it ang product talaga good for body ! And so affordable that so nice!

  4. That's good news po kasi ok na kayo and kahit magkasama kayo sa bahay safe pa din po ang kids kaya maganda pa din talaga yung meron trusted brand and siguradong mas maging maingat lalo na pag may kasama sa Bahay para iwas sawa. Must try po yan lslo na perfect kahit sa sensitive ang skin.

  5. Very recommended po ang mga products na iyan sure na safe gamitin and worth it to buy kaya must have

  6. Love all the products featured!! They are all useful and natural so will definitely give this a try!! Thanks for sharing, Momma!!

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