Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Sulit Shopping at EVER Commonwealth Shopper’s Park


As one of the pioneer retail establishments in the Philippines, EVER MALLS is on a mission to provide their customers with fun and SULIT ways to experience shopping, while prioritizing shopper’s safety and convenience. 

Since the new normal calls for new challenges to provide a captivating transition of shoppers to revenge spending, EVER Commonwealth made sure that shopping doesn’t need to be expensive for you.

How? With the Shopper’s Park bazaar & tiangge, you can enjoy a wider range of shopping options without the stress of over-budgeting.

SHOPPER’S PARK IS THE FASHION HAVEN FOR EVERYONE. With EVER Commonwealth, sulit talaga as -  you get the best quality plus good value for your money. EVER Commonwealth is here to fulfill your yearn to relieve your stresses with better and affordable shopping– all tailored for every kind of customer.

Shop ‘til you drop when you visit EVER Commonwealth, because with various stalls and outlets that are definitely pasok sa budget! You’ll definitely want to shop for more. Whether it be fashion fits for the family, last-minute shoe run for the bunso, or just a random escape from the hustle and bustle of commute in the metro, the Shopper’s Park is your best shopping destination.

THE BAZAARISTA ENTHUSIASTS BUDOL PLACE. No need to walk your way along different outlets to find your perfect fit because at the Shopper’s Park, everything is at a glance. Ranging from cute dresses to matching tops, the bazaar offers a variety of clothing that matches your stylish Mommies, Kuyas, Ates, and Daddies. There is no pressure in looking around and window-shopping your way through the bazaar. So when it comes to the trending outfits for you and your family, they assure you that it’s truly “Sulit sa Ever!”

You can be a part of our family too. Let the world know about your shop! EVER Commonwealth is open for partners and we offer leasing opportunities for your business. At EVER Commonwealth, we know you have dreams for your business venture, and we are here to support you.

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