Sunday, February 5, 2023

Sportswear Basics Never Go Out of Style

When it comes to active and sportswear there are endless possibilities and endless styles. But there is one thing for sure, basics will never go out of style. And that’s why in general, they are basics, they will always be there to be those pieces that are your allies in any outfit. Well, the same happens with sportswear basics. They are going to be the pieces you will be using always even if you have more stylish and different ones in your closet.

It is always a great idea if you get a few pairs of activewear sets. Why? Because even if you don’t work out really often or if you do, you won’t have to struggle because the one you already used is dirty and you have no clean one. And if they are basics, that’s even better, because basics never really go out of style.

But what can you actually consider some activewear basics and where can you get them? Well, there’s a special place I know you can find those, and I can promise you they are going to be the most comfortable pieces you have worn to work out.

That place is Cosmolle. They are a brand that wants to redefine what self-care and intimates are with its line of underwear and bras, and they know that for sure you will be loving them from the moment you wear them. But they are not only an underwear brand, but they have a lovely range of activewear too, where you can find amazing high waist leggings.


As a brand, they think and have a strong belief that your comfort should come first and that self-care should be part of your daily ritual. That’s the reason that they have created underwear and bras that have been sprinkled with skincare, meaning they are collagen infused. This is great for your skin as it will keep your skin hydrated, improve its elasticity, and of course, it will reduce the signs of age. 


The bras and underwear that they offer you are 3D printed, and this allows them to keep their shape and form. They are made with less sewing, fewer materials, and no wires, which makes them pain-free. The cups they have are breathable and have fibers that are infused with collagen, as we have mentioned before, and the most important thing is that they are made by women for women and with love.

They have noticed most women tend to compromise their comfort for just looking good when it comes to bras, underwear, and even activewear. And let’s be honest this is quite true. We focus much more on our looks than on how we feel while wearing them and how we feel is what at the end of the day truly matters. We should be validating how we feel, inside and outside, as in the end the real and most important validation we can get, it will come from within, from ourselves.

And they are not just an underwear brand. For them, people matter. This means that they celebrate the diversity of body types, shapes, colors, sizes, ages, and of course, lifestyles. They have a culture of diversity and inclusivity that will make you really feel that you matter to them. 

It is also important to know and to have in mind is, that, for them, our earth matters too. A very important component of their brand is sustainability. They believe that if they create products with great quality and that are durable.

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