Thursday, March 8, 2018

Product Review: Zenutrients Oils (Therapeutic and Ginger)

Oils have been a trend in the beauty and health industry lately. I may not be too much of a fan of oils but I can say that it works for me. I think it might work for others too if they would try. It is when I received my Zenutrients Therapeutic and Ginger Oils from Sample Room that made me addicted to oils. Before that, I’ve already been using oils in different occasions and it worked pretty well not just for me, but for the whole family as well.

When my husband almost had fever before, I immediately massaged him these oils and it worked great. He said he felt better after some few massages and after he rested. He is not a fan of medicine even if he’s a nurse by profession, and so do I. I only drink medicine if it’s the worst possible case but as much as we can, we do not take medicine that easily. Same with our baby. We do not really give vitamins to him anymore because he is exclusively breastfed plus he’s into nutritious solids now. I am proud to say that my milk helped him to be strong and healthy like that.

Going back to the oils. I also tried these when I was about to have coughs and colds. I immediately apply this and in just a brief moment, I felt great. It was also soothing that I also use this whenever I had a bad day or whatever illness I am experiencing. I also have oils in roll version and that’s what I usually use whenever I would want to feel great after a long day of work.

Photo below is the Therapeutic Oil which consists of Eucalyptus, Green Tea and Coconut Oil. I generously apply this whenever my body's aching in any part and I also use this at night when I want to have a clean, good sleep. I also use it to my hubby whenever he likes it. I like it because it gives a cool feeling on the skin and there's also a minty smell which makes the application a soothing feeling.

The Ginger Oil variant is also a favorite of mine because aside that it's in a spray bottle, the after-application feeling leaves my skin so cool. The mentholated feeling was so great that it makes my mind more calm after putting it on temples and after inhaling it.

I both love these oils because it helps me and my family to feel protected. It also warms and soothes our body. These oils were my natural go-to remedy whenever I feel sickly. 

Two thumbs-up to these products. It may be difficult for some to trust natural items for the effect might take a little long but I believe it's a safer method to try. Sooner or later, your body will thank you for it. 

What;s your go-to natural product for the family? Care to share? 
Much Love, Mommy ❤

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