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Saturday, September 17, 2022

More Learnings This Year

This year is a year full of life's surprises and lots of first time for me. I didn't even expect that I will be achieving and learning a lot of things this year. Little by little, I am slowly accomplishing all my goals before the year ends. From getting our first family insurance, to learning another language, mastering a new instrument, transitioning my lifestyle to what I want it to be and being able to try baking for the first time. 

My experience in baking all started when I became a part of a blog campaign that's related to baking. There's a local brand who sent me lots of their bread mixes which made me learn how to bake. Since the campaign required me to produce, baked bread so I had to comply and put my skills in baking to the test. For a beginner like me, it is really a struggle because I don't own any set of baking tools, so I had to work around on what is only available during the time I baked. To be honest, we don't own any baking tools since no one in the house bakes anyway. But the experience brought out the inner desire in me to try baking which I eventually realize that I really like doing it. Since I already made the first step in trying to bake, might as well learn more on it. I also need to use up all the bread mixes which I still have here in the kitchen. So I made it a goal to get some tools when I have the time and budget for it.
Monday, August 29, 2022

Be Insured for As Low As P100

Getting an insurance for myself and my family is my primary goal for this year. If you have been reading my previous blogs, you know I've been stretching my hands already just to make extra money for us to be able to get an insurance for each member of the house. It was soooo difficult for a low-income earner like me and because of that, I've delayed getting insurances for my husband and kids which saddens me. 

But my goal is still the same. It is for us to be able to get insurance for each of the family members. I have thought about it long and hard and that's what I really want to achieve before the end of the year. 

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Hollywood filmmakers are mounting a feature that seeks to showcase Filipino history and heroism to an international audience

US-based Filipino producer Francis B. Lara Ho and Filipino-American actor-director Michael Copon are collaborating for the film "1521" which will depict a clandestine love story against the backdrop of the epic clash between pre-colonial Filipinos and Spanish forces of Ferdinand Magellan in Mactan, Philippines more than 500 years ago.

L-R: Francis B. Lara Ho (producer); Danny Trejo; Bea Alonzo; Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan; Michael Copon; Costas Mandylor; Hector David Jr.; and Terry Amos.

The film boasts a powerhouse cast including Copon, renowned American actor Danny Trejo, Filipino superstar Bea Alonzo, and award-winning actress Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Sulit Shopping at EVER Commonwealth Shopper’s Park


As one of the pioneer retail establishments in the Philippines, EVER MALLS is on a mission to provide their customers with fun and SULIT ways to experience shopping, while prioritizing shopper’s safety and convenience. 

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Food Corner: Potang Bengi

Potang Bengi, a restaurant that serve Asian street cuisine which is derived from the Kapampangan word 'tonight', has successfully opened a few weeks back. The colorful place is the perfect Instagram spot where you would wish to take pictures for your new social media DP. 

The place also have a live band on some nights so it's the perfect place to just chill after a week long work. They also serve some drinks so it's a perfect place to hangout and bring some friends.