Sunday, April 22, 2018

Baby's First Haircut at Cuts 4 Tots

It's summer and the heat nowadays sometimes is unbearable so we decided to give baby a trim. Baby is 1 year and 7 months when he had his first haircut. It may be a long time for some but his hair growth was visibly thin so it took us a while before we decided to have it trimmed. I sometimes wish to make him go bald because as the old saying says that doing it will make his hair grow thicker . I am not sure if there are scientific explanations included

Upon entering the venue, it was brimming with customers who are also waiting for their turn. Since the area has toys all around, we decided to wait for our turn. We have 3 ahead of us so we waited around 40 minutes. Quite tolerable since we know that kids can be sometimes difficult to handle. 

So while waiting, Railey played quietly on the side. There are kids who always stole what he's playing but good thing that he doesn't have that attitude of getting it in return. He just shrugged the whole situation off and move to another toy. When all the toys around him were gone to the kids, he'll just watch TV instead or will just cling on to me. 

At first, it wasn't difficult to control him as the tube kept him busy when it was his turn.  he was just siting there peacefully and cutely. 

But when the barber was on the part of shaving his sides, I think it tingles him and that's the time that his dad and I exchanged on holding him to keep him at his car chair. 

Our overall experience at Cuts 4 Tots was great considering that the place was just manned by two personnel. The girl in uniform was also the cashier in charge and whenever there's no one at the counter, she'll help the barber. Fee was a little pricey though since it was a toddler that they're servicing but that's okay because we know that they are professionals and we feel comfortable knowing that they have tools that are safe.
Much Love, Mommy ❤

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