Monday, June 25, 2018

Baby's First Ambika Experience

Few days before the school year started, me and baby had the chance to have some mom and son bonding. On that day, we both came straight from school to the mall because we had Brigada Eskwela that time and I was bringing him all along since we don't have anyone who'll look after him.

As we stroll, we saw a new play area called Ambika at the end part of the mall. I think it was just new because we only discovered it that day even if we always do groceries there. I am not sure though if it just recently opened or if it was there for quite some time. So since I wanted to rest my arms a little, I paid for an hour to let baby play inside.

Upon entering the establishment, I noticed the volume of kids playing inside. The exterior can easily catch the attention of kids because of the bright colors particularly orange and yellow. The fee was also at par to some play areas we have tried.

I let baby explored the place but I am always on the lookout. There were lots of kids inside and there were even older kids who are insensitive on who will they bumped into. With that, I still need to pay close attention to him. 

The experience was good when suddenly I noticed some things which caught my attention. Since baby was excited with ball pits, he immediately ran inside it. Good thing he didn't hurt himself with the STEEL on the side of the pit. Apart from it, there were also some areas that weren't covered with safety cushions properly. If children will run very fast, they might hurt themselves in the cemented wall. Also some toys aren't securely placed in areas where they can't bring it elsewhere. They should have attached a string to it so that it wouldn't budge in a certain place. I saw a kid jumped on the ball pit and hurt himself with the xylophone because perhaps another kid left it there after playing with it.

There were still a lot to mention like the glass, the edges, the cement. You may be calling me paranoid or maarte but who cares; my 20 month old son was plying and he's way too young with the others there. Or maybe the play house wasn't just fit for baby's age. Then I hope they should have put it on note on how young or old can enter.

I caught those things cam to show it to the staff. I tried talking to them but they were so busy with the volume of people coming in and out of the playroom. I ended up going out without talking to them.

To be honest, I am afraid to bring baby again for a second visit. I don't think I would let him play there again. I believe play areas' should make sure that the safety of the children is their #1 priority. Not otherwise.

I'm still thankful for having this play house because baby also enjoyed playing. That's what really matters. (But of course, let's not forget their safety too).

Have you tried here? Any thoughts?

Much Love, Mommy ❤

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  1. I haven't tried bringing my toddler in play places like Ambika. I'm also concerned about safety and the other kids who are playing inside.