Saturday, March 16, 2019

Food Corner: Bean Leaf

Bean Leaf in Angeles City opened few months ago. It is a franchise coffee shop located in the heart of Angeles City. Because it is a franchise, they have the same menu across all of their other branches in the country. 

The store's inspiration is industrial that has a rustic vibe which is perfect for chilling out or just spending some extra time for good food and coffee. 

The store offers different beverages from milk teas, fruit teas and espressos.

For their  fruit teas, customers' favorite are Citrus Malunggay, Raspberry Blueberry, Green Apple and Lychee. For their espressos, their bestsellers are the Bean Leaf Latte and Wintermelon Latte. For their milk-based products, the crowd’s favorite are the Vanilla Puff, Nutella Overload, Milo Monster and the Cookies and Cream. For their coffee-based drinks, their suggestion is to get their Bean Leaf Coffee, Coffee Jelly and Mocha Java. Their bestsellers from their milk teas are the Bean Leaf Milk Tea, Okinawa and Wintermelon. 

It is best to pair their drinks with good food so they are also offering different food options from fish and chips, pasta to a complete meal. 

Bean Leaf is open for functions and the like. Just booked them ahead of time because there are a lot of people reserving the place for events and such.

Currently, the store accepts cash only but they are working on their POS for credit cards so they can also accept it soon.They are also planning to take orders in the future so watch out for that.

Bean Leaf is open from Monday-Saturday from 9am-11:30pm and on Sunday from 1pm – 11:30pm.

Much Love, Mommy ❤


  1. Is Beanleaf a Philippine company? I immediately checked their website but can't really figure out if it is except that it says it uses imported beans:-)... i will be very happy to see coffee shops like this that are Philippine-owned companies that offer quality coffee and cozy themed ambiance.


  2. Ang cute ng branch dito! Actually may Beanleaf branch na malapit sa amin dati but unfortunately, closed na ngayon. HUHU. Hope they will open a branch here again.

  3. The place is so posh! Marami na ba silang branches? And mukhang masarap ung mga drinks.

  4. That huge serving of pasta? Hmmmm.. .. Interesting!!! Wala na branch nila dto samen sa laspinas. Actually dati meron 2 now wala na. Naluge pareho

  5. One thing I first check in coffee and tea shops is the ambience. This one seems to have a good one. Plus, my eyes are dragged right to the fries platter. 😂

  6. it looks like a place I would enjoy hanging out at until closing time. Even the food gives the home-vibe. Plus, the nutella-based drink looks yummy!

  7. Thanks for sharing your review about this coffee shop. We are planning to visit the visit for short biz trip, and we might drop by here.

  8. I'm curious about the Citrus Malunggay. Would love to try that flavor. Plus, I'm a milk tea addict!