Thursday, September 12, 2019

Food Corner: Nanuk's Steak House

I have always been a sucker for steak. Me and my colleague once discovered one of the cheapest steak house for as low as P99.00. It's the Nanuk's Steak House at Robinson's Starmills here in Pampanga. 

Whenever my friend Shiela and I would just want to talk about something or just be updated with the recent hullabaloos in life, we always go here (that is if we want to have a break from samgyupsal.). It may look like a low-class resto or the like but they have delicious meals. We especially love their sizzling line. Top most pick would be their Sizzling Pusit.

Steak and stories was definitely great when partnered with really, really cold beer. 

I may be such a cheapskate but I just find this amusing not to share. A very affordable steak place plus good company just completes anyone's day! 

Do you have any good place to share? Comment down below. I wanna check! 😉

Much Love, Mommy ❤

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