Monday, April 20, 2020

Review: Bite Block Citronella Spray and Lotion

It's been a while since I last posted a product review here on the blog. Motherhood has been really tough for me because most of the time, I am always left with two kids at home this quarantine.  All the rearing and household chores are managed by me. Even before the lockdown came, I found it pretty difficult to be hands-on with the kids while working. Especially when we were faced with the ordeal of finding out that my firstborn is on the autism spectrum, I felt really lost every now and then. 

Despite that, we still live life as normal as we could. I enjoy writing and sharing and it became my avenue to divert my attention and worries so I'm sharing this review for moms like me. 

If I can remember it right, I got these spray and lotion during the Smart Parenting event last year. I only used these products early this year and here are my honest thoughts about it. 

Bite Block Citronella Spray

  • It has citronella and eucalyptus in the ingredient which are known to act as natural insect repellent.
  • Since it's in a spray container, it's easier to use.
  • It gives out fine mists which is good because it tends to distribute the product in a huge range. 
  • A subtle scent of citronella was evident. Why subtle? I had my fair share of anti-mosquito lotions and for me, this one has a milder scent compare to others I've tried.
  • I can opt to sprey it on the children's clothes instead of direct applying it on their skin.

Bite Block Citronella Lotion 

  • This one was used later on because of the packaging. I prefer the spray one as it's easier to use so the former was used up first. This one is in a snap-off cap which requires to pour out with both hands.
  • Has the same scent and ingredients. 
  • Since it's a lotion type, I feel this has stronger scent and more potent with the product you put on skin. 
  • This one needs to apply directly on the skin. 

As for the effect of both these products, I feel that the lotion type has more power to sheer away those pesky insects. It can also be applied as needed. I think this has power for 3-4 hrs.

However, since I am not really comfortable of putting products on my children's skin, I prefer the spray type for it's easy way of application. Just need to spray again if there's a need to. Though the latter isn't recommended to reapply twice a day as indicated. Plus I noticed this has lesser effect for around 2-3 hrs only.

Overall, I actually prefer both since each has it's own benefit for us. I also use the clip on type or the sticker one that has citronella. Well,it's really just a matter of mypreference in the end. I believe each product has a benefit that I like. 

Care to share your usage on mosquito repellents? Would love if you can comment them.

Much Love, Mommy ❤

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