Sunday, May 17, 2020

Scarlett Reese' Monthly Cakes

We began celebrating our children's monthly birthdays with cakes starting from Railey. It is actually not our family's custom but it was MILs'. MIL always asks us back then, during Railey's monthly birthdays where are the monthly cakes. I actually didn't want to spend on monthly cakes but we somehow got accustomed to it so we carried it untiL Scarlett. She said we have to thanked the Lord for making the kids healthy before they reached a year old, hence the mini celebs.

So now, this post is dedicated for Scarlett's monthly cakes. I collated everything and I am sure I missed a month or two. I'm doing this to dump those cake photos and also to show this to her in the future if this blog still exist by then.

1st Month
A little back story. We celebrated it on my 'rent's home because we use to go there every weekend and Scarlett's 1st month happened to be a Sunday. We also bought some kakanin and palabok together with the cake for a mini celeb.

2nd Month
This time, we had it at home. I am still in maternity leave during this time. While trying to shoot, she can already reach the cake and attempting to destroy it. Good thing it survived a photo first. 🤣

3rd Month
She's getting bigger and rounder you'll think she's eating the cake. 🤣 Opted for a different cake this time because we had choco during the first two months.

4th Month
This cake has wonderful memories. I remember thinking not getting a cake this time because it's my off and I'm just staying at home. Hubby's at work and will arrive very late so I already ditched the idea of going out and getting one. But MIL said she'll go to the mall to buy something so she volunteered to buy a cke for Scarlett. At first I thought, she would pay for it but turns out she asked for the payment. Of course I gave her the money. She asked what cake will she buy and I just told her it's up to her as long as she would asked the staff to write a greeting for baby's 4th month. Later on, she got home with this cake. As I sent the photo to hubby, I can't help but laugh because of the misspelled name, no month indicated and the 'mommy daday' note. When hubby arrived home, he asked MIL what happened and she said it was the staff's wrongdoing. Hubby was teasing her that it isn't the staff who messed up but her because they're just copying whatever you told them to write. She was denying it of course but can't help but laugh also. This is just so cute and funny! 🤣

5th Month
Hubby really insisted to get a cake on this month. This is the last of it's kind for the day before the store closes. Scarlett's missing a single t. This one is his dad's mistake. He said he got confused with the spelling. 😂

6th Month
This is a Sunday, and again, we celebrated at the parentals. I am actually out in the morning for a seminar and came home bringing this. The cheese bread at the back was from her aunt who also thought of getting her something for her day 

7th Month
Scarlett became so kulit, hence the look of her on this photo. I remember we actually came home from the mall and still insisted of getting a cake for her despite eating outside  

8th Month
 She's so lazy on this photo so I just took a photo of her when I got the chance to put the cake beside her while she was lying down. We picked a smaller cake this time because I noticed I am the one who's eating most of the cake if the people at home doesn't like it anymore. I just don't like food going into waste. 

9th and 10 Month
I decided not to get a cake during these months because Railey has been given the assessment this time that he was on the autism spectrum so we need to do therapy. We really need to save so yeah, no monthly cakes anyore

11th Month
On the 11 month, his dad got a little extra for the month and he really wants to treat her princess so he picked one for her. I actually wanted to react on his impulse buy but it's already there so we just let it go then. 

For her birthday, I will create a separate post on it next. All these photos aren't the usual nunber cake per month that you see online. Tbh, I want to copy that every month but I really have a hard time managing life with kids, even shooting her already takes a lot of effort so I decided not to do that anymore.

Anyway, these photos really made me feel blessed knowing that we actually can afford a cake monthly. Though we know that most of the time, we struggled to make both ends meet but we as parents really want to work on something for our children. We know that it might be not a practical action for some but these cakes symbolizes our love and dedication to our baby which we hope will bring a smile to her in the future once she sees it.

Much Love, Mommy ❤


  1. awww sarap mag reminisce. she turns one when? nakakamiss yung monthly cakes to commemorate our baby's milestone months. alam mo whats nice? when she is bigg enough and she will look back to this post or if you have put it in the album, sobrang maaappreciate nila what you did for them when they were a baby

    1. True mamsh. I hope she can look back to it too and I hope it makes her happy.