Friday, May 8, 2020

TVP's Good Food

As people would say, this ECQ made everyone a gym instructor, a baker or a cook. The last one, I can't deny because I found myself cooking more day after day after day. I noticed I just cooked in the morning then an hour after, I got myself cooking again. 😆

You can't blame me if there are days and times that I found myself browsing on our subdivision's group page looking for any available food that will satisfy my palate. I noticed I've already ordered quite a lot and thought of documenting them here.

I will try to tag some of the sellers here in case you might want to try their dishes. (NOTE: FOR SAN FERNANDO, PAMPANGA RESIDENTS ONLY) And if you're residing from Bulaon, (where my parentals' reside) you might want to consider trying them once the ECQ is lifted. I'm telling you, they're worth your penny.

What's great with TVP's sellers is that they offer a wide range of food with FREE delivery! Imagine how difficult it is to choose from champorado, lugaw, sopas, mami, lechon kawali, liempo, lapaz batchoy, tokwa, bbq, pancit, sisig, diff types of suman, pichi-pichi, biko, puto, lumpia, ice candy, and whole lot more!!! There are fruits too and even produce, drinks, snacks, everything! Almost everything!

Truly, these good food is a huge help for momma's like me because I am left with the kids most of the time and I just can't go out anytime I wanted to. So whenever I ran out of time to cook, or just don't have the time and energy to whip a dish, these food are my savior. The page has been a good tool also for the people here to earn extra while on lockdown. They just need to be extra careful in sending the food to their customers

Now, this got me thinking, if only I have company here at home together with the kids and if I can sell and deliver food in the neighborhood, what particular food will I be selling? That one I can't figure out yet.

Farewell for now. Need to get my salted egg from another seller. Ciao!

Much Love, Mommy ❤


  1. Wow! The foods looks delicious and honestly I miss all those foods you posted here in your blog. By the way, what editor you use for the header, I love it. I was looking for a calligraphy font for the apps I use but I can't find any.

  2. I always say to my Aussie boyfriend that the best foods are located in Pampanga. Hope we can finally have our road trip after this lockdown.

    1. Yes. Tell me a food and I will direct you to where you can have the best one here in the province.

  3. Pampanga foods are really one of the best offers we have in Pinas. I miss all those food especially the sisig and the lechon kawali. How I wish I can have that here in Jakarta.

    1. Omg. I just found out one of the best lechon kawali I tasted. It's just right inside our subdivision.