Wednesday, July 8, 2020

My Husband's Quarantine Birthday

We celebrated Jaycee's birthday at home as simple as it is. Quarantine may be lifted in some areas and it's a little lenient now but we still prefer to just stay and eat at home. We always celebrated Jaycee's birthday at Viking's because that's the time that we can eat up to our heart's content. Not this year though. We may resume our accustomed celebration hopefully next year when we can all go back to our normal lives and visit resto freely. For now, staying at home is the best option because we have kids and their safety is our priority. 

I got him a cake from Conti's since it's his request, pancit malabon and leche flan from our neighbor's online paorder and I just cooked fried chicken to partner with the pancit as he requested. 

Jaycee love all the food especially the cake. After eating, we went to the parentals to give them some share. The children spent some time with the grannies then we went back home. The day was just so simple yet so meaningful. Jaycee btw took a leave off from work as he haven't used any of his leave yet since the start of the year. I just think he deserve it so I'm supporting him on getting a well-rested mind and body. 

Happy birthday mi amor! I wish you all the happiness in life, great health and for your dreams to come through. We will always support you, you know that. Railey, Scarlett and Mama Tet love you so much! 💕

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