Monday, March 22, 2021

Build Bright Habits To Reach Your Goals

All of us have goals in life - be it about our career, relationship, finances, fitness and a whole lot more. With all those goals, we were accustomed to celebrate mostly the big wins in life when we achieved them. It's completely normal because we went in a long journey and commitment before we achieved that goal so our thoughts and emotions  tell us to celebrate such huge success.

Listening to Sunlife's interactive workshop entitled ITO ANG ARAW MO! Build Bright Habits to Reach Your Goals, made me realize that achieving a certain goal, be it big or small shouldn't be stressful and problematic. It's how you think about it and your attitude about it. 

Everyday in our life, we set goals, build habits and take actions That small, single step is your leap in turning your dreams to reality. Brighten up your days by building bright habits and celebrating small wins. Ito ang Araw Mo to take action for your goal.  

Huge thanks to Sunlife for the workshop which was led by TED speaker, author, and life coach Dr. Christine Carter who guided the participants to get started on their journey in achieving their life goals.

Now, my better than nothing action is to get my own jumping rope for workout. I've always been telling myself to exercise since I've gain almost 20 kilos after giving birth to two kids. But I always don't find time and got plenty of reasons not to start. So now that I got myself one, I can do it even inside our house. Talking about celebrating small wins! 

Together with the workshop,  is the launch of the “Ito Ang Araw Mo” Community where you can get access to tips, weekly challenges, community sharing and support, and mentorship programs. All of it for free. 

So if you still find yourself struggling to be fit and healthy, or don't know how to start to be an entrepreneur or not sure how to plan for your big dreams, then Ito ang Araw Mo, start now and build bright habits to reach your goal. 

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