Friday, April 30, 2021

Food : Nomi Milk Tea Launched Their Summer Drinks and Onigiris

Summer is definitely here and what's the best way to celebrate it while on a pandemic than to have your favorite drink paired with some awesome snack. 

We were invited by Nomi Milk Tea (infront of Walter Mart) in San Fernando, Pampanga to be the first to experience their newest summer drink varieties.

Nomi Milk Tea originally launched their Onigiris as the best pair with their favorite drinks back in 2018 and only had the Classic variant at that time. Now, they upgraded it and added different taste.

We tasted everything and my best bet would be the Beef Bulgogi and Spicy Pork. But if you aren't a meat lover, the Kani Mayo surely has a different take and of course the Original is a best hit. Opt for Wasabi Mayo if you are into strong spices.

As for their milk tea series, they have the Chizu and the Sumuji series. Chizu means cheese foam in Japanese while Sumuji pertains to smoothie. On bot series, Avocado, Melon and Mango flavors are available. 

I've tried a few from the drinks and I love the Avocado Sumuji since there's no bitter after-taste on the avocado. The Mango Chizu is also to love for. Actually I like the Sumuji series more because their smoothie and who doesn't love smoothies, right? But Chizu variants are a fave of those who want a crispier taste of fresh fruits. 

We hope this is not just a seasonal thing. Honestly, all the variants are really good and the drinks are very flavorful! Apart from those, they also have their classic flavors and some favorite of mine are the Melonpuff and Blueberry.

But more than the food, you know that a store is great when they put attention to their service. The Nomi team is very open for constructive feedback on their menu and they also put effort on their social media presence. Those mentioned, I think are factors to consider on what store to love. 

My love for this shop is real. Even after visiting the store for this post,  I supported them and bought my hubby's lunch and his coworkers snack here thru Foodpanda. They give huge discounts when you pay online too! You might as well try it now! 

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