Monday, May 24, 2021

Unboxing my Glorious Blend Gift Bag Plus Review

It was a great opportunity to receive parcels from PR brands but it's even greater when it's coffee because coffee is life, right?! 

When I got this bag full of Glorious Blend goodies, all I could think of during that time was to immediately make myself and the whole family a cup of coffee. This is my first time to try the brand and I like the experience of the makers of this first Stevia in the PH market. 

The bag was full of Glorious Blend products. I easily reached for two packs and gave it to my sister since the bag was sent to her condo's address. She loved the 7-in-1 Coffee Mix. 

Since I am very interested with the brand, I started trying each of their products on the loot bag. Here, I'm going to share with you how and what I did with the products.

Sweet & Fit Stevia

I add this to my usual drinks in replace with sugar. I actually thought it would taste awkward but in fairness I like the taste of the drink afterwards. I use it on my juices, and even on my chocolate drinks. This box contains 30 sachets.

Sweet and Fit Stevia Dried Leaves 

This is best use with a plunger but I just used our regular tea bag since we don't have the former. This looks like some tea but it tasted sweet so I added a drop of lemon and ginger. You can also add other fruit of your choice. Adding this to your usual tea will also do.

Sweet and Fit Stevia Leaves Powder

I had to research how to use this. Haven't used it yet but this can be used in baking, cooking, beverages among others. 

Glorious Blend Maxitrim Coffee Mix

This has Stevia so this is a regular coffee drink but tasted really different for my taste buds. I feel that upon drinking this, it will stabilize and lose some of your appetite making you not to eat more. 

Glorious Blend Coffee Mixes

This is my favorite. I especially like the choco one since I have a sweet tooth. The convenience of these mixes plus the benefits makes it my family's favorite.  

I like discovering all the contents in my gift bag and I'm still enjoying more of the products left in the loot. I want to thank Glorious Blend for sending these over. I feel so special receiving a bag full of your products.

You can get them on Shopee:   

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