Thursday, June 10, 2021

How To Stay Sexy With A Mom Bod

Motherhood changed a lot in me in different aspects in ways I never imagined. I achieved unlimited patience over time rearing two wonderful and beautiful children and had become so workaholic that I sometimes forget to take care of myself. Not to mention the increase in weight which I know most moms also had struggles with, made me feel so diffident. I am one of those momma who always think of how to get my previous body shape when it was all so skinny and sexy. 

As summer is about to end here in our country, I promised myself to experience it before it's officially close. I miss going to the beach and it hinders it for two reasons; the pandemic (protocols) and the concern that I might not look good in swimsuit anymore. I feel that I didn't had the chance to enjoy and explore the world after giving birth because I just felt so big and heavy. This way of thinking made me lose more confidence every single day and I feel hell. So to help myself, I attended some positivity seminar and read more articles on how to help raising your self-esteem. There, some tips and tricks were presented on how not to look big in the photos. I then stumbled upon waist trainer for women which is the perfect tool to hide those unwanted fats. Definitely something I could use while working out and getting the bod I want to show in public.

Just seeing the photos of those gorgeous women on the site made my confidence surge up. I feel like I still have a chance of getting my previous body back. Of course with good diet and exercise. 

Don't get me wrong I love every aspect of me and I accepts all flaws, especially that this body gave birth to two lovely children but you can't blame me if a little amount of my self-esteem went down. I try to work out and eat healthy too but my body just isn't cooperating fully. Pandemic was also a big factor because my mental and physical aspects were affected.

Currently I am trying a whole new diet and workout plan which I think is more effective for me. Who wouldn't want to fit on those slimming bodysuit this summer, right? I promise not to end this without wearing one. That's actually my goal since last year but the pandemic just ruined the whole plan. I can still adjust the timeline though and wear one from Feelin Girl. 

They have these pieces which I would love to wear myself. Seeing that it's possible to achieve a body like that in the photo motivates  me to do good on what I want to accomplish. I would still work out and eat healthy of course, but these pieces are a great help to someone with currently low self-esteem like me. 

What I also like with what I saw in the site is they have nude and black ones which are great colors to pair with anything. I prefer their designs on the swimsuit too. I love that it looks high quality and sexy. Also, the reviews of the before and after shots on their site were really amazing because I see a brand that aims to uplift women with low confidence. All the smiles on the faces of those women are incomparable to the cost of the item. I myself wouldn't mind spending on the pieces which would give me more self-love on myself. 

Also I lack on the height department but that isn't much of a big deal because their pieces are a great fit for petite and even big gals. 

All women have the right to feel sexy and confident. Not because you're a momma doesn't mean that you don't have the right to look good and feel good. Invest on this good pieces and shoot that confidence up. After all, you're a queen momma. You deserve it! 


  1. I really agree to it that every woman deserves to feel sexy and confident. I really understand your side that state about how worry you are because of not having the body that you have before. It's really hard to make it back to those kind of body before you became a mother but it's not impossible too. All you need is hardwork, patience, determination, and decipline. Congratulations for achieving your goal. I'm happy for you

  2. Yes we want to always look good and feel good even as a mom. There are different ways to do it. and for me i want to share what has been effective to me. It is by limiting your carbs/sugar intake to 20g or less a day. It will not only make your body slim and sexy you will also be much more healthy than before

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