Tuesday, August 24, 2021

My Half A Year Haul from Sample Room

It's not new to my readers that I've been a fan of Sample Room for years now. It's my go-to website whenever I want to try new product releases or just try any random stuff that they have and not be committed to do reviews. Though in my case, I have used Sample Room in my content since I started blogging that's why I am so thankful with them and continuously supporting them.

While I'm arranging some of my phone photos, I found out a lot of product shots I did from all the stuff I got from them. So I kind of reminisced some of my hauls from them for the past half a year.

Here are some of the photos of the products I got from the sampling site and still getting more from them until now. 

The photo below was an extra because I won their contest for Dr. Coco and I got a year supply of hand soap. Well, with the pandemic, it was cut in half because we use it so often and it smells great too making you want to wash your hands more. 😁

If you love what you saw and if you're interested to avail samples as well? Head over to Sample Room now and register. You can also comment your email below and I'll send you an email with a referral link. 

Happy sampling! 💗

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  1. Super ganda tlaga ng mga product nila highly recommended tlaga