Friday, April 22, 2022

Where to Get Great Corndog?

Craving isn't the right term when I wanted to try corndog but it's more of being curious on how it would taste like. Just like those I alway see in korean series where the mozarella would drip or expand as they try to break the bread.

So one night, I invited Jaycee that we buy some corndogs in this newly opened corndog store along Dolores here in San Fernando. When we arrived there, there's quite a queue but it's tolerable to wait. 

It was just a small store and they only entertain take outs. We ordered  Mozza On the Dog, Potato Mozza and Cheddar on the dog. I was thinking of getting a piece of everything and just vlog ala mukbang style but some weren't available so we get only three with 2-3 each of the ones i mentioned. 

Here are some snaps I got from the store. 

They have indicators on the flavor of each corndog with the color painted at the bottom of the stick.

When we arrived home, Scarlett enjoyed her share of corndog but I noticed that the cheese hardened very easily so the sticking out of the mozarella isn't possible when you left the corndog for long. 

To enjoy the corndog, you really have to eat it  immediately and fast. The reason why I want to try the corndogs because I wanted to try what I usually in kdramas when the mozarella sticks out. But I was unsuccessful with what we bought. 😅

Overall, we enjoyed the corndogs but we have not repeated buying at the same store again. As of writing this, I am craving for corndogs but I have yet to explore other options. 

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