Friday, May 27, 2022

How to Get PSA Birth Certificate Online 2022

In life, there are different ways to save time, and sometimes, they are relatively easy to do but we don't usually notice them. Just like how to save time of falling in line to pay bills, get groceries or accomplish chores. Paying online has been a great alternative on how we normally pay things in person and we know how it has been very helpful to our lives at this time. More and more people are relying on things to be done online. Now, even getting important documents are easy to do with just a few clicks on your laptop or smartphone. 

Speaking of important documents, PSA Birth Certificate Online Application is a user-friendly platform where you can order your important documents in PSA such as birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, and CENOMAR. Paying is very convenient because they have a lot of options on how to settle your documents at the most convenient channel for you. 

I have great personal experience in getting our documents recently and I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to save time and doesn't want to be hassled. Just a few clicks on the site and you're all set.

Application is very easy. 

1. Go to and click ORDER NOW. 

2. Then, choose the type of certificate you are getting. Tick the box and it should be highlighted. Tick the box to accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and hit continue. 

3. The next page will ask you if you are requesting your own certificate or for someone else. Click the 'My Own Birth Certificate' and click CONTINUE. 

4. In requesting your own certificate, you will then need to provide details on the following information. 

* If you are requesting someone else's certificate, you will also be asked with some questions as well like the one above. 

5. From this point forward, you will be asked for several details that should match your ID because you need to present it upon accepting the delivery personally. 

  • Couriers will not release the order to anyone else EVEN WITH an authorization letter
  • You are not allowed to request your birth certificate if you are below 18 years old at the time of application. 

IMPORTANT: At the 6th part, you will be asked if your certificate was registered late. Please provide the necessary details here. 

After accomplishing all 9 parts, you will have the time to review your details at the end. In case there's some mistake, use the back button to edit. 

For the payment, they have a lot of options on how to settle your documents. You may pay online using your credit card or mobile wallet apps, over the counter or at their accredited payment centers, or through partner banks. 

Your security is safe as well because they will not release the documents to a different receiver. 

This online PSA application can be done swiftly and smoothly as possible. You just need to have the complete and correct details. 

I like that this is also safe from those illegal assistance you get online since you don't need to divulge your private and important information to other people who are not related to the department. 

This is also perfect for those people who are busy with work, or who don't have the time to fall in line for too long. You won't also risk yourself in acquiring the virus when going out. Very safe and secured. 

So the next time you get those important documents, just go online. It will save you a half or a full day of free time. 


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