Tuesday, October 24, 2023

How This Momma Got Her Confidence Back

 It's been seven years since I became a mom. And those whole seven years was also very challenging because those were the years where my self-esteem suddenly dropped down to its lowest level. I don't know how to pick myself up from where I left off. I feel that I wasn't able to bring back the old body I had before giving birth to two lovely kids. 

Don't get me wrong. I love being a mom and I am enjoying motherhood life to the fullest as well. But I can't help myself losing all the confidence I once had just because of this bulging tummy. With my first pregnancy, I feel that my body easily went back to how it was before. But after my second child, everything went so differently. I just felt my tummy (in particular) keeps getting bigger and bigger. You may blame those sweets and sodas, but I just felt like my metabolism isn't functioning.  What's crazier is that, only the tummy became bigger and bigger but my arms and face, were just like the same before I gave birth. I had to try working out and dieting; up to all sorts of fitness projects but the time, effort and energy just doesn't return back the fit I was eyeing for. 

So of course, I had to do something. With all the technology, gadgets and inventions, I know looking good and getting that confidence back is just a piece of cake. Maybe there is just something wrong with my approach.

Good thing I was able to chance up on some jeans with built in faja when I was browsing the web and I thought to myself why not try those. I've heard and read wonderful reviews from it and it wouldn't hurt to try availing one. It would be perfect too because I am mostly wearing jeans at work. My working jeans actually looks more like jeggings and it's in black so it gives the illusion of a much slimmer legs. 

So, I had to put the work then and had to search for some curvy faja reviews and to my surprise, tons of very positive feedback were presented in front of me from different users. It has been effective in bringing the shape back plus more great feedback such as, it has corrected their posture, gave an illusion of a slimmer waist, and larger butt, among others. 

Of course, I wouldn't miss it myself, so I had to get one! My once dilemma was also solved with a extreme tummy control shapewear. At first, I thought it isn't effective but with consistency of usage and adding some workout on the side, also made me lose some pounds. 

Bring back again the confidence you once lost. I tell you; it helps. Why not grab one and see for yourself. 

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