Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Food Corner: Health Wise

Health is the greatest investment that we can have. However, at this time and age, it seems like it's difficult to create a healthy lifestyle because of the food we eat. A lot of processed food and meat products were introduced to the market. Even social media has a way of making food so appetizing that people are more encouraged in eating out in various restaurants that offers different types of food such as unlimited meat, steak, seafood and the like.

Those mouth watering dishes on IG will really entice you to dine more and more and explore more dishes until you are not aware of what it would bring. After a full heart and a full belly, there goes the medicines you need to take because of your impulsive eating.

I am one of those guilty people who loves to eat. And I feel that I am prone in eating unhealthy food because we often dine in restos that offer limitless serving.  I also  blame it sometimes on Instagram. So it was totally a  good afternoon last Sunday that Health Wise welcomed us in their humble cafe and shared good experience in eating vegan

The cafe started more than a  year ago when husband Ian and Jen came up with the idea of opening the first vegan plant-based cafe in town. Jen being a master in public health and majored in nutrition, who's also a vegan for 5 years, influenced his husband Ian to eating vegan so they pushed their healthy living and eventually their lifestyle turned out as their business which came the birth of Health Wise.

They are proud to be 100% plant-based and you might think how they do their dishes without meat. They are using Meat Magic. It is composed of wheat, corn, soy among others which was then processed and dehydrated to prolong shelf life. They also  use cashew instead of cheese. They even make their own homemade ketchup. Their salad was so great with their secret sauce for they also do not use mayonnaise. For their service water, they put mint and cucumber. I actually learned there that cucumber makes the water naturally alkalinic so they prefer putting it on their water instead of lemon because the latter makes it acidic.

They also serve vegan bread and other products that you wouldn't believe can be healthy like vegan sausage, vegan corned beef and the like.

They also do everything from scratch so waiting for the food might take a little while. All of their food are raw and created from zero because they do not reheat any food. The greatest challenge in this resto is your willingness to wait.

Health Wise is located at Hensonville, right in front of Kusina ni Maria. It is also available for delivery through

Much Love, Mommy ❤

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  1. Ever since i have watched game changers in netflix i try to eat more plant based food. I will definitely go to health wise cafe if ever i go to Pampanga