Wednesday, June 20, 2018

How To Be Safe Against Dengue Viruses

Prevention is better than cure as the saying goes. These words may seem old and classic for some but for me, it is something that we should have pondered before regretting what had happened. Here's the story. 

Few months ago, Railey got sick and was hospitalized due to dengue fever syndrome. Despite my baby being 100% breastfed, he was still not safe with the said virus. I am not saying that he has super powers and won’t catch any diseases just because he's nursing but I can say that I am confident that he’s been really healthy. Imagine he’s being vaccinated multiple times and yet he didn’t had any fever after the vaccination. So I was thinking, yeah, my baby is really healthy. Only until this time that I doubted myself for everything. 

It all started one day when I thought he’s just teething and had some slight fever. He had multiple teeth showing up that time so I assumed that the reason for his slight high temperature was because of the teeth showing up. That day, I already thought of bringing him at the hospital since I was absent at work already but I still managed to handle everything well. I sponged-bath him, nursed him, played with him and I thought he was just doing fine because he totally looked alright. He's just a little sickly, but physically-wise, everything's well. Or I suppose. The stress only increased that night when he had two series of epistaxis so we decided to bring him at the hospital that very instant. After series of labworks, we found out he's positive for dengue fever syndrome. It broke my heart! 

Since I was being paranoid, I can't stop thinking on where could he possibly gotten the virus. My husband told me to stop worrying because it will just make me sick and will stress me out. I even got fever as well since I was so burned out.  It already happened and we can't do anything about it. We just need to continue moving forward and be very careful. Good thing that baby has strong immunity and was able to battle out the whole ordeal. 

So from then on, we became very careful and we made sure that everything was covered. Here are the things that we did after we were discharged from the hospital. Sharing some preventive measures with you so that you won't get paranoid like I do.

  • Try to apply mosquito repellent to kids so that they will be protected, especially at times that you are not guarding them the whole time. Before, I admit that I do not really apply repellent to my baby. I only do so in the events that I feel like to or if I think the place might be infested with mosquitoes. Now, I always do it especially when I can't give him my full attention. Time is of the essence here. You really do not know what will happen during those few seconds. 
  • Use mosquito net. It might look old and classic but it’s pretty helpful especially at night time or when baby’s sleeping. We used it before when he's so little then we stopped. I'm planning to use it again now. I think I need to purchase the bigger one that will fit the whole family. 
  • Have the windows and doors screened. We (Hubby and I) agreed to invest in screen doors and windows so that even if we left them open at night (because it's really hot) we will have peace of mind that mosquitoes won’t just get inside the room whenever they want to. Actually, before the incident happened, there was a time when we opened the windows of our room one night and we didn't paid much attention to those pesky insects. Then few days after, baby was hospitalized. I actually think it was that moment where we left them opened because unfortunately, it was the season when the subdivision fumigated the houses in the back area where we are nearly located. Those insects might have been disturbed and were directed to our area. Too bad it happened at a very unfortunate time. 
  • Use anti-mosquito patches if you are not comfortable with repellent. I’ve read that mosquitoes and other insects hate the citronella smell which the patches had. You can also try other anti-mosquito sprays but just make sure that they are safe for babies or kids.

With what had happened to us, we became very aware on what were the things we are missing out. Aside from the preventive measures I mentioned, there were a lot more things to do like keeping the house clean and avoid having areas where water are accumulated. On top of that, let's maintain cleanliness always and think of the preventive measures to avoid regretting it later.

Lastly, always be strong on your toes when things like this happens. Pray! Ask help and assistance if need to. I am thankful my husband was easy to talk to about the whole situation. He's also been my strength during the whole ordeal. We actually had more regrets of not having hospital insurance at our lowest time. But good enough that everything went well about the hospitalization. Hopefully next time, I can blog and share here how and where to get hospital insurance for the family. That's soon on the blog! 

Thanks for reading! God bless you and your family! 💕💕
.Much Love, Mommy ❤

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