Sunday, May 3, 2020

Food Corner: Ramen Bistro

Our family loves eating ramen. So when we got the chance to stroll one time along San Fernando, we chanced upon this new ramen hub (back then) along Mc Arthur Hway, almost in front of Walter Mart; the Ramen Bistro. 

Jaycee and I loves to eat ramen together with Railey. Most of our fave ramen spots are located in Angeles and Dau so we always missed out on enjoying it whenever we want. Though there’s this one ramen shop at the nearby mall that we also love but it’s quite pricey. A bowl would cost around P400 per head. We love that ramen shop but it was just too heavy on the pocket. Most of the time, we enjoy the BOGO this ramen shop offers during birthday months so we take advantage of that.

Good thing Ramen Bistro offers almost half the price of a single bowl of ramen compare to our fave nearby ramen store. It may not be as grand as the former in terms of place and ingredients,  but it’s what we had near and something worth trying. It’s somehow good as well. Below are just some of what we had during our last visit.

They also serve makis and sashimis and we got this one which I really like. I forgot all the names of those dishes but you can use it as a reference if you want it. I will just update this once we got back there again. Railey loved it there too because he almost ate everything on my bowl. Good thing, he at least left the maki for me. 

Hoping we can return next time there. Let’s pray for the new normal to be favorable for all of us. 
Take care and Godspeed everyone. 

Take care everyone. Stay safe!
Much Love, Mommy ❤


  1. OMY! Grabe! I, myself, am a ramen lover as well and being stuck in quarantine makes me miss ramen so much! Super nakakagutom yung pictures grabe! Will definitely give this place a try as soon as everything goes back to normal.

    1. I hope you can visit here in the province then.