Sunday, May 30, 2021

Food Corner: Dohtonbori

Going out this pandemic is really tough. It's very rare that we go out. I am usually just out whenever I go to work with our alternative work schedule and when we buy our groceries. All other things we need, we buy online. We don't eat out anymore or when we do, we just buy take out. That's how strict we are since hubby and I both experienced Covid and we wanted to protect our kids on the incident that we had. 

So when we picked up my sister in Manila and had to buy some items in the metro that's not available online nor in the province, we had the chance to drop by Dohtonbori for a quick lunch. It's nice because after almost a year, I had a breathe of mall air (😁) and was able to eat in a restaurant. It's nice to try  Dohtonbori because since we haven't been in the metro for long, this was our first time to try the place.

I am so happy I was able to try their food. I don't know if it's just me and my palate but I like everything we had.  

The place strictly followed protocol and were only allowed 10 inside their resto even when the place was big enough to accommodate even 15-20. Since we also don't wanna roam around much, we chose to wait for 15-20 mins. They gave us the menu so we can choose our order while waiting.

When we were escorted inside, the place had that Japanese feel to it with their wooden tables, lanterns and banners. While waiting for the food to be served, we had a little chitchat until the food arrived. 

I ordered Cheesy Pork Okonomiyaki, my hubby got some Tonkotsu Ramen and my sister had Zaru Soba. We added some extra Gyoza for all. 

The Okonomiyaki was so good. It's cheesy and soft inside yet crunchy outside. I haven't tried authentic Okonomiyaki from Japan but they swear by providing authentic Okonomiyaki experience because their ingredients were all imported from Japan. Hubby's ramen on the other hand has rich and creamy broth that has the perfect clean flavor. My sister's Zaru Soba, was cold when served and tasted really clean that you'll feel no guilt when eating it. 

Our Dohtonbori experience is surely one of the books. Apart from the rare eat out this pandemic, it is surely one of the best Japanese resto that serve quality dishes at very affordable prices. You should try it too! 

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