Friday, July 9, 2021

Our Little Steps Prizes

I started joining giveaways and online contests before being a blogger. I don't know. I just feel I sometimes have that luck in me that in every 10 to 20 contests I participated in, I got to win once or twice. 

Recently, I've been into participating online events instead of the actual events because of the pandemic. So far, so good. Most of the events I joined in also offer giveaways in them and recently I won three times already. Babymama event was one of them. I won a brassiere from Coobie and my hubby won baby items from Little Steps for Scarlett. Yaay! 

The #StopDropPump event was recently concluded with the mission of talking about mother's experiences with regard to breastfeeding. That afternoon, we talked about our struggles and shared all the hoolabaloos in nursing our little ones. Personally I love the event because it isn't the typical event where there's a speaker who talks about the topic, rather it was an open discussion with no judgment on each mom's situation. 

The event also has a goodie bag for every participant which is a bonus for me. We just had to purchase from the site before we can get the goodie bag which is the hassle for me tbh because we had to send it off to my sister's condo address to save shipping. Shipping alone to the province is amounting around P300 so I chose to wait for it. Hopefully I can unbox it on my Youtube channel soon once I got it from Manila. 

Good thing, the Little Steps prizes was sent here directly at home free of shipping and here are the items we got from them.

Hoodie Towel

Shoe cover

Cloth Diaper

Cloth Diaper Inserts

I am actually thinking if I will let Scarlett use the cloth diapers or just give it away as a prize on one of my giveaways. Railey has tons of cds already and I also wanted to let other moms try new cds on their kids. Anyway, you will know on Instagram if I'll give it away or will just use it instead. The towel has been used immediately though because it's cute and Scarlett's towel was already short for her. 

Big thanks to Little Steps for these and also for Babymama in making the event possible. 

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