Monday, August 29, 2022

Be Insured for As Low As P100

Getting an insurance for myself and my family is my primary goal for this year. If you have been reading my previous blogs, you know I've been stretching my hands already just to make extra money for us to be able to get an insurance for each member of the house. It was soooo difficult for a low-income earner like me and because of that, I've delayed getting insurances for my husband and kids which saddens me. 

But my goal is still the same. It is for us to be able to get insurance for each of the family members. I have thought about it long and hard and that's what I really want to achieve before the end of the year. 

So I tried asking my colleagues at work and other friends for recommendations and suggestions but I noticed that whenever I talk about insurance in my workplace, a lot of people would always bat an eye for some reason. They would always include that insurance is a very expensive thing and it isn't entirely needed often (unless it's an emergency) so most of them don't prioritize it as well. 

As much as I want to achieve my goal, I am slowly getting discouraged since my thoughts of getting insurance isn't supported by many. Upon thinking about it, I think the main reason why people is avoiding talks about insurances is because of it being expensive. But as a mom, I know we need to always be prepared with whatever situation we will face in the future. The pandemic taught us this so my husband and I decided to push getting insurance while being cautious so it will not break our budget. 

Good thing I chanced upon Cebuana Lhullier micro insurance on Shopee (and they also have it in Lazada) and I was surprised that I can purchase it there easilyIt has very great reviews from those who purchased so I thought this might be the answer in accomplishing my goal of getting insurance for the family. I decided to purchase not just mine, but my husband and kids as well. It's so affordable that I can't say no to it. It was also on sale when we purchased it. 

Upon checking the site, they offer different insurances and most of them are really affordable with great benefits. We chose the Cebuana Lhullier Personal Accident Prime and this is great for those who want to avail insurance without breaking the bank. I got it on sale for only a hundred pesos. Yes, you read that right. This insurance is only P100. This Cebuana Lhuillier Personal Accident Prime gives you up to P20,000 coverage for Accidental Death and Accidental Disablement and P5000 Cash Assistance, Burial Benefit and more. 

Now, I can share this good news to my colleagues and I'm sure they will also consider getting insurance now since the amount isn't as expensive as they think it is. This helps for everyone's peace of mind. Go ahead and protect your loved ones now. Get yourself and your family protected in a very reliable and affordable cost.

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