Saturday, September 17, 2022

More Learnings This Year

This year is a year full of life's surprises and lots of first time for me. I didn't even expect that I will be achieving and learning a lot of things this year. Little by little, I am slowly accomplishing all my goals before the year ends. From getting our first family insurance, to learning another language, mastering a new instrument, transitioning my lifestyle to what I want it to be and being able to try baking for the first time. 

My experience in baking all started when I became a part of a blog campaign that's related to baking. There's a local brand who sent me lots of their bread mixes which made me learn how to bake. Since the campaign required me to produce, baked bread so I had to comply and put my skills in baking to the test. For a beginner like me, it is really a struggle because I don't own any set of baking tools, so I had to work around on what is only available during the time I baked. To be honest, we don't own any baking tools since no one in the house bakes anyway. But the experience brought out the inner desire in me to try baking which I eventually realize that I really like doing it. Since I already made the first step in trying to bake, might as well learn more on it. I also need to use up all the bread mixes which I still have here in the kitchen. So I made it a goal to get some tools when I have the time and budget for it.

As I was searching for some baking and kitchen tools that would be really helpful for me. I considered getting silicone kitchenware since these are very durable and would pretty sure be easy to use for someone who's just starting in baking. Getting the right tools is important, and so is getting high quality products with excellent designs can be considered a big factor too. 

Sometimes getting silicone products receives a lot of questions on whether it is safe or not. But with the technology on molding now, it is safe to say that companies are being careful on their molding processes such as silicone overmolding to achieve a seamless combination of materials in a certain product. 

Right now, I am eyeing in collecting different mold so that I can create cute pieces for my children who are picky with food. I actually recent learned that you can DIY molders so if you are a momma and making bentos for kids, this might be a great alternative for you when getting molders.

I am truly grateful and happy on how things happened in my life despite the hurdles brought by the pandemic. Learning baking and eventually practicing bento for the kids are some of what my life consists of right now. Still looking forward for more opportunity to learn about preparing food for the family. 

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  1. Ang galing naman po. Ang cute din ng mga silicone kitchenware na iyan. Goodluck po sa inyong journey sa baking.