Friday, May 17, 2019

My Mommy Mundo Journey Box

It's been a while since I last wrote here on my blog. I've been silent about my second pregnancy because I've been pre-occupied with a lot of adjustments in having a second baby. I have a toddler and expecting another member somehow feels different and surreal for me. It's a big change that I wasn't able to cope up fast. Not to mention my husband changing his career path took a big toll on our household finances. Everything's been difficult because of the drastic change but regardless of it all, everything has been good with the family which I am always grateful. 

So last May 9, I was scheduled for CS. (I'll create a separate post on my pregnancy journey on my second baby soon.) Before checking-in in the hospital, a surprise came in the morning - my Journey Box from Mommy Mundo. 

I ordered a Mommy Mundo planner last year around November which I expected to arrive with a Mommy Mundo passport and a Journey box. Upon receiving the item, I noticed that the box wasn't included with the planner purchase. The MM team said that the Journey Box was supposed to be like a seasonal benefit when you apply for the MM passport. I asked then if I won't be able to get one anymore and they said that they can send me a box once the stocks are available again. I am reminded to contact them recently again because of a MM post I saw on IG recently. so I tried contacting them again about it and they gladly emailed me that I will receive mine soon. 

It is a Welcome to Motherhood box which has some essentials for a newborn. Just really in time to welcome me back again in rearing another little one. I am so thrilled! 

Here are the contents which I am also looking forward in using. Some are items I have already used on my first born and others are new to me.

Sweet Baby Dry
It's my first time to use this brand. I hope this will not irritate my newborn because both my firstborn and the second one wants P as their diaper. 

Bite Block Citronella Lotion and Spray
I'm using Citronella on my firstborn but a different brand. This new brand is worth that we try.

Samples of Cycles, Cradle and Smart Steps
Been using these products since my first born. Loving them until now.

Milk Storage Bags from Apple Tree and Orange and Peach
Tbh, I am not fond of using milk storage bags because I often use bottles because I have around 20 of them and I didn't keep much of my milk. Now that I'm planning to save and donate, I know I would need more of milk bags so these brands are worth to try.

Sample of Bio Oil and Cecon Plus Multivitamin
Been using Bio Oil on my first pregnancy and it helped a lot to diminish my stretchmarks. Will try Cecon if it will suit me. 

Baby Dove
It's my first time to use the "baby" line of Dove. I've been a fan of the brand but I haven't tried this one on my children yet. We'll see if their skin will like this. 

... And that's it! I didn't expect that I'll get a lot of items in the box.

I like that Mommy Mundo has been very supportive to mommies, be it old and new, in their journey to motherhood. It is indeed God's greatest blessing to be a mom and I wouldn't exchange that experience to anything in the world.

Much Love, Mommy ❤


  1. I haven't heard this product but now I know that it is a full package! I will surely recommend this to my sister who is 4-months pregnant hihi I'm excited for her!

  2. Cant believe this! It is neat! All you needed for taking care of babies all in one box! Who would not love that?

  3. Congratulations on another baby!! Those products will surely help especially on those rough first months after birth!

  4. I was thag excited when I received my Mommy Mundo Box last year but they sent me a different box (newborn box) , I ordered for smile and tickles for my toddler. I wasn't able to use the newborn diapers and some newborn stuff in that box

  5. This is my first time to know about Mommy Mundo. Not a mom yet, hoping to be one soon! 😍 I’ll definitely check this one out.

  6. Wow, nice. I'll show this to my wife, she'd be interested. We are expecting our second baby, too.

  7. I'll definitely sign up for this if I'm a mom. These days, I enjoy online shopping. I feel that I get a gift from myself every time they are delivered to my door steps. LOL.

  8. Wow these products are interesting! I want that DOVE body wash even its a baby variant.

  9. Sana may gantong package din for furbabies. Wawa naman kaming wala pang babies talaga 😂

  10. I don't know why but this makes me want to be a mommy soon. Haha! I love the idea of having those when I become a mom :)

  11. Moms today are lucky thar we have communities like Mommy Mundo that support us and give us access to information and resources.