Saturday, June 15, 2019

Avoid Regrets -- Invest!

We are deeply saddened by the recent news our family had received. Our uncle passed away last week when he was traveling for work. It came as a shock to the whole clan because he's the youngest among all the 11 siblings on my father side. He's just 48 who had two elementary sons.  My heart broke for my cousins and I am seriously worried as to how will the family survive with the loss of their breadwinner. Though I know that my aunt is one strong woman, I still feel so sad for them. 

This whole ordeal hit me with a realization that life is indeed so unpredictable. Everything may be fine now but next thing you know, you may not be around anymore. This made me realize that we need to fully live our life and enjoy every moment that we have. Let go of hate and spread more happiness and love as long as we can. 

As I opened this whole thing to my husband, he suggested that we try to do a monthly getaway and create more memories with the family. Or just simply bond with everyone in any possible way we can. We will make time for each other and create memories and will not wait for time to be available to us. Family should be the top priority.

Together with that, we're also deciding to get an insurance for everyone. To be honest, I am the one who has been contemplating so hard if we will push the decision of getting it for the family after all the series of negative reviews and unclaimed shares of insurances from the past. I can still remember an old story from my dad when he mentioned that our CAP plan was like stolen from us. He wasn't able to get whatever he was trying to claim that time so I've been closed-minded to anything insurance-related.

But thinking of my uncle's situation made me realize that we really should be ready in case anything happen to us. I only have a toddler and a newborn now so we need to do what should be done. I thought to myself, what if my uncle doesn't have a personal accident insurance? The situation will really be difficult for his family not only during the accident but for the coming days as well. Good thing they are prepared for things like this. 

It's already 2019 and gone were the days where people are uneducated of insurances. Families should consider getting this now because anything can happen. One feels regret at the end, when all is said and done, and yet there is something undone. And you know what that is. 

Much Love, Mommy ❤


  1. Get an insurance na. There are insurance products that are investment-linked so you also grow your money while enjoying protection.

  2. First, Condolence to your family:-(.

    SEcond, insurance is indeed important to the family. My husband and I made sure we have that as well as educational insurance for our children.


  3. Condolence, yes maganda talaga may. Insurance napakadaming option ngayun pra sa insurance

  4. You never when these thibgs might happen. I'm 21 and I just signed up for insurance. It's also nice to be certain that your money is actually going somewhere, and you can live comfortably when you retire eventually.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about that. I'm only 26 but I'm the breadwinner of my family. I made sure to get an insurance because I don't want them to suffer when I die.

  6. Yes this is true. We really have to prepare for the future. It's just a little hard to break through our people because our culture cringe at the talk of death and all that. But when we have children, we need to prepare them.

  7. speaking about the insurance, kanina lang may tumawag sakin they offered (life or accident insurance) for only 70 per day insured ka na ng 100k tingin nyo okay ba?at ang nagustuhan ko dito yung 70 pesos i a add on top of my mobile post paid plan so less hassle for me sa pag babayad.
    ano sa tingin nyo ?

  8. Totally relate with the CAP story. My mom never got her money back, not even a fraction of it from CAP. It made me hesitant to get an insurance since then.