Thursday, June 13, 2019

It is not selfish to take care of yourself!

Being a mom is hard work. Whether you are a stay-at-home or a working mom, having to juggle multiple responsibilities and knowing that your offsprings life highly depends on you can absolutely be dreary. Most of the time, moms need to make personal adjustments too just to cope with such situation. Once you become a mom, you tend to put your little ones needs first before yours. And thats where it gets a little too overwhelming. 

But when you stop caring for yourself, your ability to care for your child will also be affected. I am a mom of four and as far as I remember, I spent most of my adulthood caring for my children, shares Tina, a 43-year-old mom. I start my day at 5:00am, fixing my kids baon and preparing them for school. Once they leave the house, I go on with my usual routine- clean the house, do the laundry, check their assignments, prepare dinner, wash the dishes and then put them to bed. Sometimes my husband jokes that I dont time for him anymore as I am too focused on being a good mom! But funnily though, that is true. We dont get to spend quality time anymore, she quips. Dont get me wrong but I love being a mom because it is really fulfilling. Its just that by being too focused on being a good mom, I have neglected other important things as well she added.

Rose, a 45-year-old working mom of 3, shares the same dilemma as Tina. I think have mastered the art of juggling! she jokes. But on a serious note, nothing feels more awful than the mom guilt. When I am at work, I keep on saying to myself that I am doing so good at my job but am I being a great mom as well? Sure, my husband and I can provide all of our kids needs but is that enough? Do my kids know I love them? Do I spend enough quality time with them? Am I giving them attention? The pressure of being a good mom is just too much that I forget to look after myself too. I am too busy working and caring for my children that I had to put my needs aside. And honestly, that doesnt feel ok, she says.

I began contemplating and realized that with all the years that I have dedicated as a mom, its about time to think of myself now. With all the myriad of responsibilities that I have juggled and successfully carried out; I feel empowered. So empowered that I am ready to choose whats best for me, aside from being a mom, of course Tina says. 

It is not selfish to take care of yourself! affirms Tina. Thats why I made a choice to try something new that I know would make me feel better about myself. After all, I know I truly deserve this. Rose adds, I totally agree with Tina! You cant be a good mom if you dont do yourself good. After providing the needs of my children, its about time that I give importance to myself too. Its time to work on my best self ever because I deserve it!

For Tina and Rose, trying SvelT’is Femilift has given them a brand-new confidence in themselves. Femilift is a laser treatment that is 100% safe, and is being used globally. It is non-invasive and it only takes 30 minutes for the procedure to be done. This is for women who want to have improvement on stress urinary incontinence. It also enhances lubrication because when women age, they experience dryness and it becomes painful during sexual intercourse. For others, it is for tightening because during normal delivery in childbirth, the vagina never comes back to its pre-pregnant state. While for other women, it is for better sexual pleasure.

Now, I feel much better about myself and so does my husband! Thanks to SvelTi, treatments are now available for women who are facing the same condition as mine and help them restore their confidence,” shares Tina. Now that I feel better about myself, there is no amount of work or mommy responsibilities that I cant do. I know that I am in my best self ever and I know Ive got this! muses Rose.

Mothers Day is only celebrated once a year but with all the hard work our moms do every day, they deserve a whole year of appreciation and gratification. Visit SvelTi now and give your moms a treat they deserve!

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  1. So much love and respect for all moms in the world. I couldn't agree more, it's never right to assume it's selfish to care of one's self. This applies not just to moms but to everyone. <3

  2. I salute and respect all super moms in the world. It is right that self love will never be wrong. 🙂

  3. can I first say that your blog looks so pretty. being a financial advisor myself, i completely agree with this post

  4. Well actually, taking care of our selves is a single act of selfish that gives good benefits in our life. You got to see first yourself in order to help the rest.

  5. I don't think about being selfish i I want to be the best that I can be for me to take care of my family. We moms should definitely have me time.

  6. Yes mommies should also take some time and attention on finding pleasure for themselves. You're not being a bad mom if you take a break once in a while.