Sunday, September 15, 2019

Food Corner: Rai Rai Ken

Eating-out has always been one of my favorite past time with my family and friends and it has also been a trademark on our dates. Since it's only me and hubby (sometimes with baby and MIL), we often order limited number of food  So I thought of doing a compilation of the food we ate at Rai Rai Ken. Let me dump photos these photos of our first visit there.

Feast your eyes on the following food we had ordered. This was when I ordered the store's Buy 1 Get 1 Ramen. During that time we got to eat two dishes for the price of one. The higher price was followed. We got the Seafood Hot Pot Ramen and Tonkatsu Ramen together with Super California Maki.

Seafood Hot Pot Ramen - P355.00

Tonkatsu Ramen - P379.00

Super California Maki (8 pcs.) - P210.00

Since this will be a compilation as what I mentioned earlier, I will add more photos of our meals at Rai Rai Ken soon. Hope you can continuously watch out for that.

For the love of food!
Much Love, Mommy ❤

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  1. Japanese food is my favorite wish i had a special someone to go check out new resraurants too. Huhuhu.