Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Our Father's Day Quarantine Celebration

June is my favorite month. Aside from it being my birth month, it's also Father's day and I always like celebrating it because of my dad, of course. (And my hubby too! He might get mad if I don't mention him 😁). But you see, my dad is the main man of my life. When my mom passed away when I was just 4, Dad's been with us all the time and he raised us all by himself. Later on, he was able to meet another love of his life whom we wished hard for him. He's been such a great father to us three daughters of his.

So every year, we always try to celebrate Father's Day (may it be big or small) and we always try to have something for him. It's like our 'thank you' for all the sacrifices he has done for us. This time, we decided to have our celebration the Korean way.

If you've read my blog past few weeks ago, I mentioned that we got a samgy griller to celebrate my birthday. It's only me and hubby with the kids last time so for Father's day, we chose to celebrate it at our parent's home and we brought the griller so they can also experience the Korean cooking kind of way.

We both home-cooked and ordered at the same time so we can also extend help to other sellers since this quarantine is making us support each other to bounce back on our lives.

This is also my first time to go out because I've stayed at home the whole time since ECQ happened. The only thing that made me go out was to pick up these cakes, pizza and sushi baked. This trip feels different after not being able to go out for months.

Just when we were already enjoying our food, my SIL's friends, contacted us and they said they will be giving us some food for Father's day. Such a sweet treat! We had one more sushi baked (which equally tasted good), bbq and some buffalo wings.

Even after all that had happened, we're glad we were able to celebrate this occasion with the whole family. Being together and being healthy is a huge thing to be thankful for right now. Definitely something that we will cherish forever.

Much Love, Mommy ❤

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