Monday, June 1, 2020

My Quarantine Birthday

It's my day!!!

I never imagined that we will get to experience this pandemic in this lifetime, much more celebrating my birthday in a period like this. I'm not complaining though. This just feels so...different. 

Whatever the situation is, I am glad to celebrate this day with the people I love the most - MY FAMILY. Hubby prepared everything for the day and thought of having a samgy fest at home. I feel that everyone have already tried doing this on their homes, but not us. This is actually our first because we don't own a grilling set (for samgy) yet. He actually bought one just for the sake of my birthday which I am thankful for because we can use it for future occasions at home. (father's day, his birthday which is near, etc.)

I wanted to try this popular food right now called the Baked California Maki so I ordered one prior my birthday. We also ordered a small tub of ice cream (750 g) and a bilao of pancit with shanghai. Yes. We just ordered everything except for the samgy set because I want to have some rest for today so I'm not cooking. Yay!

It is just a simple celebration. I had a cake to blow too and my husband prepared a short video for me (very very short) which he showed me the night before. My heart is joyful.

I realized so much things in life because of this pandemic - that the very first people you have who loves you is your family. Cherish every moment you spend with them because who knows how long it might be. Also, always practice the art of saving money. Practicing that will help you in emergencies in times like this. We may not have a lot but we were able to spend a little amount to celebrate this day. These are just some things to be really thankful for.

Here's a short yet sweet video from the hubby. 

Thank y'all for the greetings. Cheers!

Much Love, Mommy ❤

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